Fostering in Scotland: 3 Winter Activities to Enjoy with the Kids


Although we, as parents, are probably of an age where braving the bitter cold of winter can be a real challenge, the kids are somehow immune to most kinds of weather. In fact, they revel in the snow all around them and are really excited to lay flat in it, no matter how cold, to make their own personal snow angel. However, there is so much more to do in Scotland during those cold months and if you are a foster parent who really wants to make those kids happy, here is some of what you may find interesting for you as well.

1. Edinburgh Christmas Markets

If you’ve signed onto fostering through a private agency like FCA Scotland, one of the many things they encourage foster families to do is spend quality time together. Not only is this a chance to get to know all those little things about each other that you might not otherwise learn, but you can have so much fun doing it. Take the Edinburgh Christmas markets, for example. 

What better way is there to learn about the things that really interest your foster kids? As they start to tug away toward a booth or carnival ride, you will get a chance to see what struck their fancy without asking what they like. You can learn so much more about a child simply by observing than in hours of counselling. With this in mind, how many trinkets did you let them buy to take back with them? It would be interesting to note what each of those selections meant on some deeper level.

2. Cairngorms National Park

Many families actually prefer to visit Cairngorms National Park in the winter months. There are fewer people to contend with. That’s why anyone would want to spend time in nature anyway! They don’t want to be shoulder to shoulder with other travellers. They want to enjoy the wide-open spaces, and there are plenty of those in Cairngorms park.

Since driving can be a bit rough, it is highly recommended that your drive a 4×4 with snow tyres or with chains. This is someplace you might want to spend a few nights as the ski resorts are open as are a few restaurants and perhaps only a handful of businesses in Cairngorms. Have your foster children ever been on skis? If not, here’s their chance.

3. Seeing the Aurora Borealis from a Glencoe Inn

It is said that there is nowhere on earth where you can get such a clear view of the Northern Lights than from the highlands of Scotland. Stay a few nights at the Glencoe Inn to get the best view possible. You will almost certainly be out there night after night with your latest camcorder. Those kids will think they are in fairy land.

So, as odd as it might sound, Scotland really is the best place for outdoor activities in the UK because there is so much to do that isn’t available anywhere else on earth. You will be making memories for those kids that they may never have had another chance to see if not for foster parents in Scotland who love their county almost as much as they adore those children – almost, but not quite!

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