To Update the OS or Not? Find Out!


Suppose you are sitting at your desk, sipping your tea, and trying to work through a document as fast as possible. Suddenly, a message on the screen says, ‘Your latest OS update is ready.’ Unfortunately, most users click the Remind Later option and sweep it under the rug until next time. In most cases, users forget about it and don’t think about updating the operating system until problems start to crop up, like the computer acting strange or slowing down. 

Windows and Mac OS software update can be found in the Settings app or the System Preferences app. Ensure your system has enough storage space to accommodate the latest OS update. 

Here’s why you must not forget about updating the operating system, whether you are using Windows or Mac. 

  • Latest Features and Access to up-to-date Technologies

Software updates include new and improved features and better compatibility with different apps and devices. However, existing systems might not always be compatible with the latest software upgrades. Therefore, it is essential to update to the latest OS version. For instance, Apple introduces yearly OS updates, and macOS Ventura is already blowing people’s minds, thanks to its Passkeys, Stage Manager, and Continuity Camera features. 

Besides leveraging the latest features, updating the system means accessing the most recent technological advancements. Most operating system upgrades come with improved support for the latest technologies and enable users to enjoy a seamless experience. 

Virtual reality, augmented reality, and other latest technologies are now supported in most of the newest OS, such as Mac and Windows. 

  • Patches Security Flaws 

Cybercriminals and hackers love security flaws. Outdated and old software is vulnerable to the attack of cybercriminals and hackers. Several dangerous malware attacks take place because of software flaws in everyday used applications, browsers, or operating systems. 

These are large programs, and they must be regularly updated so that they remain stable and safe. OS updates come with security patches, covering security holes to ensure hackers stay out of the network. 

  • Augments Productivity 

Ineffective and outdated software can hamper users’ experience and performance. For example, you might feel annoyed and exhausted due to continuous bugs and crashes. In addition, it may adversely impact your work and delay your tasks. 

OS updates can remove bugs and enhance performance. Therefore, you can expect to be more productive. 

  • Enhances System Efficiency 

OS software updates offer more than security upgrades. They also include improved and new features and speed advancements that augment the end-user experience. In addition, these updates amplify the overall system’s performance so users can become more efficient. 

  • Reduces cost 

You don’t have to consider replacing your system if you can upgrade the OS and solve the problems you are encountering. For instance, macOS updates fix several issues like a slow Mac, frozen screen, apps crashing, etc. 

So, you can increase the life of your system and can use it for a few more years before you have to get a new one. 

Therefore, these are some reasons why you must consider updating the operating system as soon as you see the notification. You can also turn on the automatic update option so that the system gets updated whenever your device is idle. 

When to Update the Operating System? 

There’s no fixed time when you must update your computer’s operating system. However, it is critical to do it as soon as possible.

If the software is cloud-based, you will keep getting reminders. If you wait for a long time, the reminders will get persistent. So you can quickly download and install the update. 

However, you might not get any reminders if it is not cloud-based. You may have to go to the Settings app and check whether any operating system updates are available. 

Besides this, if you cannot use specific programs or the performance of your system is sluggish, it is best to update the OS immediately. Updating will solve these issues and ensure you can continue working as before. 

Moreover, when you update the OS, don’t forget to update the apps to remain compatible with the latest operating system version. 

Steps to Update the OS 

  • Windows users can update the OS by selecting the Start button > going to Settings > clicking Update & Security > clicking Windows Update. If there’s any pending update available, click on download and install. Then, let the device restart itself and apply the changes. 
  • Mac users must click the Apple menu > choose System Preferences > click Software Update. If an update is available, install it and let the changes take effect. 

The Bottom Line 

As you can see, updating the OS is a good decision. However, if the latest OS version does not work well with your existing system, you can roll back the update. Also, you must check the compatibility of your device before going ahead with any update. 

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