Both OPPO’s mid range smartphones including A16 and A16s have made it to the popular charts with similar specs array. From looks to build quality, and camera integration, almost every other feature is kept in the same lane. What makes the comparison of two quite interesting is the differentiable cost between these mobiles. Even though … Read more

The best phones with wireless charging available


Smartphones that support wireless charging simply feel like utter bliss if you are a fan of this new charging method. Even though most of the top android phones are always compatible with wireless charging, some could be not, and it can be frustrating. However, if you have been looking out for the best phones with … Read more

How to Become a Successful Executive Assistant

Executive Assistant

Intro: Executive assistants can earn between $70,000 to $150,000 annually, depending on their sector. Thus, obtaining these positions requires going through the competition.  When professionals become the right hand of an executive, CEO, or manager, they have climbed to the top of the food chain. The status offers several perks. Therefore, the competition to reach … Read more

What are the advantages of using a ThinkPad Laptop?


The ThinkPad series of Lenovo laptops are popular worldwide due to a number of obvious reasons. Being the world-largest PC manufacturer, Lenovo has equipped the ThinkPad laptops with a plethora of avant-garde features. ThinkPad laptops are used by business professionals around the globe to smoothly cope with business computing tasks. Due to their reliable performance, … Read more