Going for a big Client meeting? 5 Tips to make a great First impression 


The importance of making a great first impression cannot be understated. The initial meeting is often when your potential client decides whether or not you’re worth their time. Whether you’re reaching out cold to initiate a new business relationship or trying to finalize a meeting with an existing client, giving off an air of professionalism and warmth is imperative.

Often, these meetings are held over lunch or at another informal location. However, that doesn’t mean that you can afford to be unprofessional. To make sure you impress your potential clients, we have compiled some advice that will help you make a great first impression.

  1. Be Confident

No matter how prepared you are or how much research you have done, you will never make a good first impression if you don’t feel confident in your own skin. You don’t have to be overly cocky or brash, but you have to be sure that you are the best person for this client and have the skills and knowledge to get the job done. 

If you don’t believe in yourself, your client will certainly notice this. When you walk into the meeting, make eye contact with the people you are meeting, shake their hands confidently and sit down with poise and ease. Confidence may be a hard trait and take some time to learn, but if you lack it, all the tricks in the world will not make up for the lack of belief in yourself.

  1. Dress for the occasion

What we see makes up 55% of our first impressions. The dress code in many industries is pretty casual, but the meeting you attend is important enough that you want to put your best foot forward. Depending on your industry, you want to ensure that you are dressed more formally than the people you are meeting. 

If you are unsure what to wear, ask if you can meet with someone else in the company with similar responsibilities to get an idea of what is appropriate for you. Dress for the occasion, but make sure you are not over-dressing for the situation. Of course, you don’t want to show up to a casual lunch meeting in a suit, but you do want to be dressed in a way that makes you feel confident in your appearance and prepared for the occasion.

  1. Prepare Your Elevator Pitch

Your elevator pitch is something that you often use when presenting your business to potential clients. It’s a short, concise sentence or two that summarizes what your company does, what sets your business apart from the competition, and what your goals are. 

Your first impression hinges on your elevator pitch. It’s the first thing through which your client will learn about you and the company you work for, so you must get it right. 

It’s also helpful to weed out clients who might be a bad fit for your company. If a client asks you a question that isn’t covered in your elevator pitch, that’s okay. It’s an excellent opportunity to show off your professional and courteous behavior while answering their questions.

  1. Do not Oversell Yourself or Your Company

Ensure that you are selling yourself and your company in the best way possible, but you don’t want to oversell yourself or your company. This is especially important if you are meeting with an existing client and want to close a deal. The last thing you want to do is come off as desperate or insincere. 

Be honest and genuine in your sales. But also be confident and don’t appear as if you are begging for the business. Make sure that you are selling your goods and services in a way that shows the client that you are confident and can do the job well.

  1. Take your business cards with you

Business cards are still an essential marketing tool and can be used in many ways. When you are meeting with a new client, make sure you have your business cards with you so you can offer them one. 

You can also use your business cards as a way to trigger conversation and further the conversation you are having. You can also use your business cards to get information from the other person or find more about the company.


Potential clients frequently form their impressions of you on the first meeting.

Projecting professionalism and friendliness is essential whether you are meeting a new client or an existing one.

Making a good first impression on potential clients is crucial if you want them to return for future business.

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