Valant EHR VS DrChrono EHR: A Showdown of EHR Software Solutions 


Valant EHR  

Valant EHR is explicitly designed for mental health practices. It helps to streamline workflows and manage day-to-day operations. It is usually employed by behavioral health providers, agencies, and clinics. It helps provide excellent quality care and improve outcomes.  

Valant’s fully integrated EHR and practice management software is designed by a psychiatrist. As most of the available EHR software are built for primary care and other medical disciplines. Valent EHR is built for behavioral health clinicians’ unique workflows and documentation needs. Along with billing requirements and similar practices. 

Healthcare practitioners use Valant EMR software to enhance their productivity & efficiency. As well as, saves time without sacrificing the quality of patient treatment. It provides practitioners with real-time insights and analytics, along with task automation. It is fully integrated EHR software. It offers video conferencing for remote patient treatment. Also, it enables secure information exchange among patients and physicians.

Valant EHR Features 


A customizable calendar helps you in managing almost every aspect of a practice. It allows you to color code upcoming appointments to provide visual references. Moreover, you can also set appointments in advance. Finding any patient’s medical information is pretty simple. 


You can manage medication prescriptions anytime from anywhere. Its dashboard allows you to refill and/ or re-prescribe medication without any hassle. It also reduces prescription errors and provides patients with automated alerts and notifications.

Billing and Reporting 

You can use Valent EHR’s integrated billing feature for 

  • Automated data entries, 
  • eliminate duplications, 
  • Enhance information accuracy, and  
  • Save time while making sure payments are being collected & revenue is being increased. 

Clinical Notes 

The clinical Notes feature aids practitioners in creating comprehensive patient notes. It saves their time being consumed by administrative tasks. It allows them to pay more attention to their patients by keeping notes. While in session with patients and storing them safely.  

Treatment planning  

The treatment planning feature enables collaboration among patients, physicians, and/ or multiple physicians. This feature also aids in tracking updates, capturing patient signatures, and reviewing dates.      

Valant EHR Pricing 

Valant pricing Plans are not disclosed publicly by the vendor. Contact the vendor website to request Valant EMR cost. You will get a customized quote to match your requirements.  

You can also request a live personalized Valant EMR demo. It may provide you with sufficient information to get an idea about its features. It can assist you in making an informed decision about its suitability for your practice. 

Valant EHR Reviews 

Valant EHR has 4/ 5-star ratings with 403 reviews on SoftwareAdvice. Valant EHR reviews are mostly favorable.  

Some of the Valant EHR cons, according to the user reviews, are: 

  • Ease of Use: The system is easy to use and user-friendly. 
  • Customization: The software’s ability to customize its features is appreciated by numerous users. 
  • The software helps in saving your time by automating and speeding up documentation and charting tasks.  

Some of the Valant EHR cons, according to the user reviews, are:  

  • There are some glitches in the software.  
  • Many claims get rejected by the clearinghouse. 
  • The Clinical notes module is not up to the mark. 

DrChrono EHR 

DrChrono EHR is an integrated medical billing and EHR software. It allows healthcare facilities and medical practitioners to manage their; 

  • patient care
  • patient intake 
  • billing 
  • clinical charting, and 
  • revenue cycle management, with access to over 40,000 labs.  

It incorporates a patient portal, e-prescribing, and scheduling tools. Along with customized medical forms and real-time patient eligibility checks. DrChrono partner Marketplace also allows numerous app integrations. These integrations assist in expanding your practice management software and EHR. Also, to provide healthcare app developers an opportunity to build additional solutions, DrChrono EHR provides medical FHIR API.  

DrChrono is designed for small ambulatory practices to large enterprise-level hospitals. It can be used to manage all aspects of medical practice. From patient intake to streamlining everyday operations and concentrating on quality patient care.  

It allows practitioners to create virtual appointments. Without having to download more modules for sending automated messages to patients. Patients can also request and attend virtual healthcare visits and sign consent forms in real-time. 

DrChrono EHR Features 

Billing Module 

DrChrono Software provides a distinctive billing feature for its clients. It offers comprehensive payment and billing solutions that can help in increasing your practice’s revenue. Also, its EHR platform provides a typical medical billing feature. It comes with some more unique functionalities. 


The scheduling feature is the game changer in an EHR solution system. It makes appointment scheduling easy. While helping you organize your day-to-day schedule to manage more clients. Besides, DrChrono EHR software’s standby feature enables you to schedule a new patient appointment quickly. In case of some unexpected appointment cancellation. 

Patient Portal  

Patient scheduling is the most sort after feature in any EHR software solution. As it assists you in running your medical practice in a modern environment. Patients may access their profiles, make appointments, and check schedules for future appointments etc., through this portal.    

DrChrono EHR Pricing 

Many DrChrono EHR pricing plans are available with different features, such as: 

  • Prometheus: For EHR & Practice Management  
  • Hippocrates: For Advanced EHR & Practice Management 
  • Apollo: EHR: for Practice Management & Medical Billing Software 
  • Apollo Plus: For EHR, Practice Management & Revenue Cycle Management Services 

The costs of these plans are not disclosed by the vendor. Contact the vendor to get a customized pricing quote that fits your requirements.  

You can also avail yourself of a free DrChrono demo. The demo may offer you some useful insights that can help you decide if the software suits your requirements. 

DrChrono EHR Reviews 

DrChrono EHR software has 4/ 5-star ratings with 459 reviews on SoftwareAdvice. DrChrono reviews are primarily favorable. Some of DrChrono EHR pros, according to its users are: 

  • Efficient features: Templates, billing, and documentation are the best features. 
  • Intuitive: The software EHR is very intuitive, mainly when you use it on an iPad. 
  • Ease of Use: The interface is easy to navigate and user-friendly. 
  • Integration: To make billing and other tasks convenient it supports integration. 

Some of DrChrono EHR pros, according to its users, are: 

  • Customer Support: customer support is unhelpful and delayed apart from sales-related matters. 
  • Updates: It needs better and quicker updates for features
  • Glitches: Lags and downtime are two major concerns.
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