Everything you must know about App Quality Assurance


There are over 5.4 million apps on the android play store and iOS app store, and the number of apps continues. Naturally, there is very tough competition among applications in the mobile app market. Consequently, you must ensure that your app has unique features that make your app distinct from other existing applications. This is why software QA is so important for your business.

What is Quality Assurance?

QA is the process of ensuring that the software is functioning properly, well-performing, and serving the purpose it is supposed to serve. This process aims to ensure that the product matches your requirements and is up to mark.

Process of Quality Assurance:

These are the steps you may pay attention to as an app development Texas company:

Step 1:

Make a plan; identify the most important features of your application. Refer to your goals and the main idea behind developing software to see what you want your software to do.

Step 2:

Check the documentation. Make sure it’s complete, and everything is well-synced. Documentation allows the QA experts to understand how the application works and the software’s technical issues.

Step 3:

Test the app design to make sure it is up to mark. The design should be:

  • Easy to navigate
  • Attractive
  • Well-performing and responsive

If the design is not good enough, it needs to be communicated to the app designers and thus needs improvement.

Step 4:

Test each of the software’s features to ensure they function properly and check for any bugs in the program.

Inform your software developers about the problems that arise, and ask them to fix the bugs and errors. This would improve the functionality and performance of the software.

Step 5:

Ensure that your software is well-integrated and works fine with other software within the device. For example, suppose you have made a food delivery app. In this scenario, your app should be well-integrated with the GPS application (for address), social media application (for logins), and other applications that already exist and would be required to execute the service the app aims to provide successfully.

You must get issues resolved once they have been identified. Remember, this may need to repeat the integration process to ensure everything is well-integrated.

Step 6:

An app that is not compatible with users’ devices will be useless for you. Thus, you must ensure that your app can perform on different devices. For example, a mobile app created for Android phones should perform over a variety of mobile phones. On the other hand, a mobile app developed for iOS needs to be tested only on iOS devices.

Step 7:

Once you know that your app is bug-free and well-performing, you must test features that will help you in the future. You should test the following:

  • Scalability of the app
  • Reliability of the app
  • Data security and data protection
  • The volume of traffic it can manage

These are non-functional features, but they will be important in the long term for your business.

At what stage in app development should you start working on quality assurance?

You need to start working on the high quality of your app from the time you start planning your app. This is because your well-thought-through app would always be better in quality than apps that are made without enough research and planning.

When you initiate the app development process and start looking for professional software development services, you should look for services that provide quality assurance services along with app development in Texas so that you don’t have to handle the stress of ensuring good quality.

In addition, you should engage in quality assurance and testing:

Before officially launching the software to ensure the app is problem free and ready to be launched. You are not just required to test the software to identify the bugs. You must also test the software after the bugs have been fixed to ensure the software is now bug-free.

Right after launching the software to check how it is responding to the increasing number of users.

After the operating system has been updated. In a lot of cases, the new operating system doesn’t support your software. So you have to modify your software to make it compatible with the updated system.

After you have updated your software. You need to ensure that your software’s updated version is working fine.

Do you need professional quality assurance services?

Quality assurance is a technical process. Testing an app isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Quality management specialists are proficient in testing the software and identifying and communicating errors. They know which test to run at what stage and how to recognize and communicate the errors.

App development Texas service providers often offer testing services as well. You are recommended to choose a professional software development service that can handle app designing, development, quality assurance, and maintenance. This would make the whole process much easier for you. Imagine separately communicating your requirements to designers, developers, and quality maintenance specialists and then communicating all the issues that arise during the testing stage to the designers and developers again. Wouldn’t it get exhausting and confusing? A professional software development service will take notes of your requirements and handle the rest, saving you from the tiring back-and-forth communication and reducing your burden of managing the whole software development process.

High Quality is Vital!

The google play store removed around 1.1 million apps from google play store in the first half of 2022. Moreover, the uninstall rate of applications in the US was 43% in 2022. Apps are removed from the play store or uninstalled by the users due to the following reasons:

  • Not up to the standard 
  • Poor performance
  • Low functionality
  • The software crashes on the operating system
  • High loading time

You can ensure that your app is flawless and run smoothly through the quality assurance process. Therefore, you should contact the best app development Texas and avail their professional software development services to create high-quality software for you.

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