Top 5 Best Space Management Solutions in 2022


It is difficult to imagine functional hybrid workplaces without a space management solution. For employees, hybrid workplaces are fun to work in. They bring autonomy and flexibility in choosing the place of work. But it is difficult for leaders to manage such workplaces and stick to their space utilization principles. 

A space management solution equips you with tools and analytics to manage your real-estate inventory without wasting an inch. However, there are abundant space management tools for managers to choose from. So, here is the list of the top 5 space management solutions in 2022 to help you pick the right one for your office.

  1. WorkInSync

WorkInSync boasts itself as “the only app” you will ever need to manage your hybrid workplace. Rightly so, given it tops the list of best space management solutions. WorkInSync brings all vital tools for hoteling/hot-desking, meeting room, cafeteria, and parking management into one software. It equips you with interactive floor plans and real-time occupancy stats so you can optimize your space utilization.

It also includes tools for employee scheduling, vaccination tracker, and access management to help establish a collaborative and safe work environment. Integrations with Slack, Google Workspace, Microsoft365, and HRMS systems are a cherry on top. 

It is a cloud-based subscription service making it an accessible space management solution for a wide range of businesses. Being a cloud-based solution, its features are accessible from most IoT devices.

Around 180 global enterprises trust WorkInSync’s innovative solution to hybrid workplace needs and easy-to-adapt software. Several Badges of Quality and the recent G2 Award for Best Software 2022 solidify WorkInSync’s place as the best space management solution.

  1. Skedda

Skedda takes second place in this list. It is a top-rated online space management solution for hybrid workplaces working from shared offices. It includes all the necessary tools to automate space scheduling processes so managers can focus on other important tasks. Likes of Harvard University and Mercedes-Benz use Skedda for their space management needs.

Digital office layouts make booking spaces and navigating the workplace easier than ever. A centralized dashboard brings all space usage insights to your fingertips so you can manage the entire workplace from a single device.  

It is highly customizable, so businesses of varied sizes operating across any industry can tailor their Skedda space management solution to their needs. The fact that it comes with a free version wins it extra points over next in the list, Wisp.

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  1. Wisp

Wisp, space management solution from Gensler, has a comprehensive list of features, landing it at the third spot in the list. Wisp features include floor plan management, desk and room reservations, space planning, and QR check-ins. 

You can access all the stats from each tool from a centralized dashboard, making it easier to keep track of workplace occupancy. Wisp includes a unique feature dubbed scenario planning which can come in handy in planning for hypothetical situations. 

Wisp users also get active support for space management assistance and drawing maintenance.

  1. Robin

At fourth, Robin is another popular cloud-based space management solution. The vendor Robin offers a subscription service. It caters to businesses across industries and has all the necessary tools a hybrid workplace needs to function.

Robin offers room and desk booking management tools equipped with floor maps. The solution also provides real-time insight into space utilization. Users can also pair this space management solution with digital meeting and desk booking kiosks. Robin can also integrate with G-Suite and Office 365 to manage your hybrid workplace effectively. 

Unlike other business solutions, many businesses also prefer Robin for its clean and colorful UI. Robin uses colors throughout its space management solution along with graphs and tables making it easier to analyze occupancy and capacity insights. 

  1. Envoy Desks

Envoy Desks is the best space management solution for small organizations. As the name suggests, it is meant explicitly for space management around desks. It enables both hoteling and hot-desking, and employees can book desks from their smartphones.

Envoy Desks bring interactive maps and space utilization analytics to help managers recognize under/overused spaces. So they can tweak their office setup for optimal space usage. With this space management solution, you can also establish an automated sanitation process for the cleaning crew to clean desks after work.

Envoy Desks is excellent for desk booking management where physical distancing norms are a priority. However, being limited only to desk management, it takes the last place in the list of top space management solutions.


The list contains the top five space management solutions that have something unique to offer. So, no matter the size or industry of your operations, you can easily select software that fits your workflow. 

If you are looking for cost reduction and optimize your real estate portfolio, you should opt for WorkInSync space management platform. Facility managers can use this workplace management app to make informed decisions. With real time data, they can reduce costs while improve their office space. 

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