Growth Share Matrix – How to grow as a Company in a Smart Way


Do you want to show the company’s brand portfolio or SBUs as a quadrant along the relative market share axis (horizontal axis) and the speed of the market growth axis? So here is the Growth Share Matrix. It is a tool for corporate planning. The growth share matrix is an enterprise tool that analyses business brand portfolio prospects using relative market share and industry growth rate factors and offers additional investment strategies.

A growth share matrix, generates a visual evaluation of investments or products associated with variations in market share and the market growth rate. Each financing or product is represented on the matrix in one of four locations. A product or investment can be categorised as a dog, a cash cow, a star, or a question mark.


Firstly, we must know how the Growth share matrix workGreen Projects Consulting is a well-known company which helps in consultation of growth share matrix as a framework for assessing the commanding advantage and potential of the business brand portfolio. Based on the industry attractiveness (growth rate of that industry) and competitive position, it divides the business portfolio into four categories (relative market share).

The four product groups that make up the growth share matrix are heuristically referred to as “dogs,” “cash cows,” “stars,” and “question marks.” Each category quadrant has a distinct set of qualities.

  1. Dogs / Pets:

A product has presumed a dog if it has a low market share and a slow rate of growth. Dogs, which are located in the lower right quadrant of the grid, don’t bring in a lot of money for the business. They are therefore excellent candidates for divestiture.

  1. Cash Cows:

Cash cows are frequently market leaders in established markets, and the business should continue to milk the cash cow as long as possible.

  1. Stars:

Products that have effective in helping markets with high growth rates are referred to as “stars.” Stars in the upper left quadrant produce high income but also spend a lot of money from the company. If a star can continue to dominate its market, it eventually turns into a cash cow.

  1. Question Marks:

High-growth markets where the company has a smaller market share are considered questionable opportunities. They typically expand quickly but use up a lot of company resources. Products in this quadrant should be scrutinised carefully and frequently to determine whether they are worth keeping.

The only way to master your end-to-end customer journey is to first examine each corresponding stage of the buyer’s decision-making process. Green Projects Consulting help people to optimize their businesses and develop leads.

 I’d like to introduce you to Green Projects Consulting’s Outcome-Based Project, my favourite tool for fostering and directing growth. They use Growth Share Matrix for business enhancement. A framework I call the Outcome-Based Project helps teams work together cohesively and in alignment with business goals.


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