How to Throw an Outdoor Halloween Party


Halloween is just around the corner, and many of us are starting to plan what we wish to get up to this spooky season. One of the most popular modes of celebration is a Halloween party; however, there are various reasons why one may wish to throw the bash outside. Firstly, you may have more room outside than in the house, meaning that you’ll be able to host more guests. Similarly, a lot of Halloween activities are better suited to outside, such as fireworks, apple bobbing, and other modes of entertainment. Detailed below are some of the top tips you should follow when throwing an outdoor Halloween party.


Before anything else commences, you’ll need to actually invite your guests. Some people will send out a group text, others will organise an event on social media, and some will make themed paper invitations. Regardless of the invitation type you opt for, you should be sure to state that the party will take place outside. This way, people will be able to prepare accordingly by choosing a costume that won’t result in them getting frostbite. After all, October doesn’t tend to be the sunniest of months and it’s often prone to a little drizzle here and there. 

Prepare for the Weather

As previously mentioned, October weather leaves a lot to be desired, meaning you should prepare for cold and wet weather. From bespoke shelters to bonfires, there are measures you can implement to help keep your guests warm and dry. Under the shelter, you might even stack some blankets so that people can grab one if it’s getting a little too cold out. Similarly, you might keep some umbrellas on hand in case people wish to wander out of the shelter. Bear in mind that you’ll struggle to get a bonfire going in the rain, but you can’t put it under the shelter, as that would be unsafe. 

Tables and Seating

No one wants to stand all evening, especially if they’re having something to eat. Therefore, you’ll need to ensure that you have ample tables and seating for your guests. If possible, it’s good to have the majority of your tables and seating under your shelter; however, if you opt for fold away chairs and tables, your guests can move them as they please anyway. Along with tables to sit at, make sure you have a big table to accommodate all your food and refreshments. If nothing else, the refreshment table should sit underneath the shelter.

Food and Drink

Food and drink heavily depend on your guest list, as your guests will determine what food and drink will get consumed. Some people will want some hot cider, others will enjoy themed cocktails, some are happy with a standard juice. In terms of food, some might expect a full barbecue while others will appreciate nothing more than a table of candy apples. If you’re unsure of what your guests would be most happy with, you might provide them with options on your invitations and get them to RSVP. This way, you’ll also know how many guests you should be expecting.


Last but not least is your entertainment. One of the most popular forms of entertainment for Halloween is fireworks, but other common things include games, such as apple bobbing. Regardless of which form of entertainment you opt for, you’ll want some music playing for the entirety of the evening. IF you’d like it to be Halloween themed, there will be plenty of premade playlists on Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube. After all, the most important factor is that your guests have fun.

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