TikViral: Can Brands Use TikTok As A Marketing Tool?


TikTok has recently seen a lot of growth. The number of users has just crossed one billion worldwide! Customers flock to TikTok in droves to watch comedy, dance, adorable pet videos, and much more. This kind of possibility exists with a video feed that is properly adjusted. TikTok is a lovely way to interact with your Community and attract new potential customers subtly and unobtrusively. TikTok could help your business in several ways, including direct advertising and integrated commerce. In addition to the previously mentioned billion users, TikTok is becoming immensely popular. Globally, there were 55 million TikTok users in 2018; by 2020, there will be 689 million. At the beginning of 2021, TikTok will be the most significant, profitable non-game application worldwide. With three billion installations, it became the non-Facebook app to reach that milestone quickly. The user base of TikTok is not only enormous but also very diverse. People’s ages range from 10 to 50, and they engage in various activities. It shows that TikTok is gaining massive reach across the globe. Due to the growing fame, many people opt to buy TikTok fans cheap to advance their visibility at a rapid pace.

To learn more about how TikTok is a better platform for marketing and how it fits into the business strategy, please keep reading this article.

Easy Content Creation

Anything may become famous on TikTok, including music, concepts, and creative effects. For example, some TikTok viewers reported that the popularity of a feta pasta recipe caused the dairy aisles in their local supermarkets to run out of feta cheese. Due to their TikTok virality, many extra objects have increased in price to capture. The collection might never end! Members of TikTok can sing, patch, and react to one another’s videos, which promotes collaboration and provides social validation for quality control. When you see several videos in your For You section with various people praising the same thing, you’ll know it was deserving of the buzz.

Effortless TikTok Algorithm

TikTok’s suggestion system determines which videos appear on a user’s For You page. According to TikTok, the “powered by a suggestion algorithm that delivers material to every person that is thought to add value to that particular user” section of the For You page is where content is offered to users. TikTok measures each and every interaction you have with clips and profiles as it curates this captivating stream. It takes into account, among other things, videos you create, producers you follow, comments you write, and videos you enjoy or share. In addition to your equipment type and profile preferences, video metadata, including soundtracks, hashtags, and subtitles, is used to make suggestions. 

TikTok’s Advertising Features

TikTok Commerce, a new tool made available to sellers in the US and the UK, allows customers to immediately buy your products on TikTok without ever leaving the platform. Imagine you are browsing your “For You” page when an intriguing clip catches your eye. And hold on, you’ll want to have the products you saw in the movie right away! So you click the baggage icon in the video to purchase that awesome stuff. There are only a few keystrokes needed. Isn’t that incredible? Your potential customer might have a similar shopping experience on TikTok. You can also give your TikTok account a Shop option to display things from your stock. Some users also opt to leverage TikViral to upgrade their engagement rate.

Highly Engaging

On average, 24.5 hours per month are spent on TikTok. That is a longer time than people in the US and the UK spend on YouTube combined! According to App Annie’s State of Mobile study, TikTok’s estimated monthly time spent per user increased more quickly than almost all other applications examined, surpassing Facebook. As a business person, you want to interact with your potential customers where they are already focusing their attention. Due to the well-liked suggestion mechanism, TikTok not only has a sizable and committed fan base but also continues to expand. TikTok should be at the top of your list of networks to test when endorsing your company or brand on social networks. With the right approach that generates views Tiktok can become the best marketing tool for your brand.

Final Thoughts

Though TikTok rolled out as a video-sharing platform, it later turned into an engaging marketing tool. Here, in this article, we have listed some reasons why TikTok is a great marketing tool for brands. Make use of the above insights and sky-high your brand awareness effortlessly.

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