Everything you Should Know about Weighted Vests


If you are a fitness enthusiasts and you like pushing your limits during your workout sessions, then you would have certainly come across weighted vests.

Weighted vests are best for people who want to boost their workout intensity and manage the difficult levels. They can be used for various activities like hiking, running and aerobic exercises too.

There are various benefits of wearing weight vest and we will be highlighting them for you, in this piece of article.

Benefits of Weight Vests

The weight vests are a form of additional resistance. It is mere sciene that the harder you have to move during an exercise, the harder your body has to work out and requires more energy too. Studies have further proven that people who wear weighted vests, burn more calories than people who don’t.

If you are considering to get a weight vest to boost your resistance level and intensity of the workout, then keep reading.

1. Strength Perks:

Weighted vests help in increasing strength. People who attend to pushups and bench press, with a weighted vest on, have observed an enhanced strength performance. Both youngsters and adults have experienced the strength pefroamcne with the help of a weight vest. These are recommneded as training devices and are absolutely safe to use. If you are wanting to add strength to your workouts, then buying one won’t disappoint you.

2. Body Mass Advantages:

It is also advantageous for body mass. When an additional weight is added to your body, it metabolizes fat rapidly. However, there is still a lot of clinical trial required to further support this study. Research is underway to certify that it does help in body mass as well.

3. Benefits for The Human Heart:

Weight vests enhance the blood lactate thresholds, espcially for runners. What does thie mean? It simply means that they are capable of tolerating greater speed for longer time spans. They do not get fatigued easily. Improvements can also be experienced for endurance runs and sprints.

Weighted vests are still gaining popularity and are under-research. However, the studies and results do show a positive outcome overall. Thus, if you are wishing to boost the intensity of your workouts, build tolerance and burn more calories, then opting for a weighted vest would be a great decision.

How to Workout with a Weighted Vest?

It is best to discuss this with your trainer. If you are doing high-intensity workouts, a traienr is the best expert to consult. They will let you know the size and style that would be best for you. Moreover, you want to keep your safety in consideration as well. Thus, do not add it to your workout routine without a proper discussion with the trainer.


Weighted vests are gaining popularity in the world of workouts. Fitness enthusiasts, find this training device extremely helpful. If you also wish to opt for it, you can consult your trainer and gradually add it to your routine. It is best to use it just twice per week only.

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