Help! Can I Wear a U Part wig with Damaged Hair? 


Calling out to all my thin hair girlies! We’ve known the trials and terrors of living through life with thin, damaged hair, and it’s often stopped us from doing little more to our hair than the simple pony tail or bun. But just because our hair isn’t on our side doesn’t mean that we have to take a step back when it comes to immersing ourselves in the latest fashions – after all, we can rock them just as good, if not even better. 

You guessed it! I’ve got wigs on my mind. While your first thoughts might be, “Isn’t a wig going to weigh down my hair and make it even weaker?” or “Will a wig even hold onto the little hair that I have left?”, that doesn’t necessarily have to be true. 

All you have to do is to find the wig type and material that best suits your hair while fulfilling all of your aesthetic dreams, and you’ll be good to go without inflicting any added damage on your hair. And you know what, u part wigs might just be the answer to your worries.

What is a U Part Wig?

Hold on, before we go any further what exactly is a u part wig? Also called ¾ wigs, a u part wig is a wig that has its hair extensions sewn onto mesh material – the wig’s cap – in a u shape. This then has clips attached underneath to help the wearer place and secure it onto their head. 

And as with all wigs, u part wigs are available in a plethora of designs and sizes to make sure that there’s a perfect fit for any head! So, whether you’re interested in rocking a middle part, a center part, or a side part, you’ll easily be able to find a u part wig in that style arrangement. 

I have Damaged Hair. Is a U Part Wig for me?

So, onto the important stuff – is a u part wig the wig for damaged hair? Well, it’s time for some good news in the damaged hair club because u part wigs are just the thing for you! 

Here’s why:

  1. Protect

U part wigs protect your hair. The best thing about a u part wig is that it allows you to have access towards your hair, more so than any other kind of wig. The sewing of the extensions is done in such a manner, that it’s easy to tend to your natural hair while regularly wearing the wig. This means that you can take your hair through protective and repairing practices such as a wash, deep conditioning and moisturizing on the regular. 

And since a u part wig doesn’t require any adhesive to be applied before wearing, it’s a great choice for all the ladies with sensitive scalps or other hair and skin related conditions as there’s going to be no substance to cause irritation. So you can style a wig without facing any of the downsides! 

  1. Prevent

U part wigs prevent hair loss. Since the arrangement of a u part wig is such that it doesn’t add substantial weight or tension to your immediate hairline, this is a great choice for those dealing with hair loss or hair fall related issues. So, if you’re someone whose hair can’t keep up with tightly knitted sewn in braids or weaves, then u part wigs are just the alternative for you. A couple of months of this hairstyle shift and you might even see your head become fuller and with greater volume!

  1. Promote 

U part wigs promote hair growth. This is particularly for people that are looking to transition to natural hair from a period of being a wig-wearer. Since it’s super easy to take off your u part wig at night – or any other time of the day – and then wear it again, the u part wig gives you space to tend to your natural hair, allowing you to carry out practices that will promote hair growth. 

So, you can easily indulge in oiling and hair masks all while being able to easily wear your u part wig again. And since your natural hair isn’t restricted for extended periods of time like it is with other hair wigs, your hair gets more time to heal and breathe, making for healthier, more luscious locks. 

If your hair worries have been making you disdain in woe, then you’ve definitely landed on the right place! It’s clear that u part wigs are the key to your hair problems, and with them you can deck yourself out in the latest trends without causing any damage to your hair – it’s really a win-win situation! So, go grab those u part wigs today girls! 

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