Why Are Explosion-Proof Detectors So Important to Railway Stations And Airports?


Entrance security inspection is the first step in the construction of security systems at stations and airports, among which explosion-proof security inspection is more important. Explosion-proof safety inspection is an effective means to check explosives and related contraband. In order to prevent explosions and violent crimes, strict explosion-proof safety inspections are currently carried out in ports, airports, railways, large-scale events and important fixed places.

From the perspective of product categories, it mainly includes three categories: security inspection, explosion-proof disposal and anti-terrorism equipment. Security inspection equipment includes X-ray security inspection machines, security doors, hand-held metal detectors, pass-through metal detection doors, liquid detectors, explosive detectors, metal detectors (doors), etc. Explosion-proof disposal equipment includes explosion-proof tanks, explosion-proof blankets, manipulators, explosive site survey boxes, dangerous goods storage tanks, and some auxiliary facilities. Anti-terrorism equipment includes portable frequency jammers, poison gas detectors, etc.

  1. Application of explosion-proof security inspection technology in railway stations

The security inspection equipment at the railway station is large and suitable for the security inspection of large luggage. With the gradual advancement of the real-name system for railways, the workload of security inspections has continued to increase, and the number of security inspection channels has also increased. After the number of passenger dedicated lines increases, the newly built EMU passenger station also needs a lot of security inspection equipment. Most of the products currently used are X-ray security inspection machines and portable metal detectors.

The investment in security inspection in railway station applications not only includes the purchase of corresponding security inspection equipment, but also the need to increase the corresponding security inspection personnel. With the increase of detection methods and the increase of complexity, the requirements for the professional quality of security personnel have also increased, and the cost of security inspection has continued to increase. Therefore, developing more intelligent inspection methods and improving the work efficiency of security inspection personnel is also an important direction for the development of security inspection equipment.

The security inspection system should also be integrated with other security systems, including monitoring systems, alarm systems and emergency linkage systems. From multiple angles and multiple ways to ensure the effectiveness of the security inspection system. The security inspection system mainly plays the role of prevention in advance. Once an emergency occurs, it must rely on other means to reduce the adverse consequences of the event. This requires the security inspection system to achieve effective integration with other security systems, so as to establish a security mechanism that effectively cooperates with “before” and “after”.

  1. Application of explosion-proof security inspection technology in airports

Airport security inspection refers to a personal and luggage inspection item that passengers taking an airplane must undergo before boarding. This is also a necessary measure to ensure the safety of passengers and the safety of civil aircraft flying in the air. Currently, knives and daily necessities must be checked in in advance before passing through the airport. According to the latest regulations, liquids, lighters and other items are also classified as prohibited items. Airport security inspection explosion-proof technology is one of the earliest and most important applications of security. Especially during the holiday season, the airports play an important role during peak traffic times. At present, the security inspection of the airport has developed from the traditional manual inspection to the use of metal detection, flap Barrier Gates and security inspection based on new technologies such as artificial intelligence.

Human security inspection is divided into contact and non-contact. First, passengers need to pass through a security gate. This is to check if passengers are carrying metal objects. The crew then checked the passengers with small metal detectors. Sometimes, staff also search passengers. The disadvantage of this method is that some people think that the security check method of physical contact is not humane, impolite, or even insulting. Metal detection door, a traditional non-contact human security inspection device, can only detect whether the inspected person is carrying metal objects. This can no longer meet the needs of the airport. For airport security inspection, a new mode of security inspection that is faster, more user-friendly and more comprehensive is urgently needed. So, millimeter wave technology came into being!

Millimeter-wave holographic imaging human security gates can quickly detect contraband without touching the limbs of passengers. And information such as the nature, location and size of hidden objects can be found from the images. This greatly improves the accuracy, objectivity and pertinence of detection, and improves the efficiency of security inspection while reducing the labor intensity of security inspectors.

The power emitted by the millimeter wave body imaging security gate is lower than one thousandth of the electromagnetic wave radiation of the mobile phone. Although the penetrating power is strong, it does not harm the human body and is very safe. The inspected passenger only needs to walk into the middle of the security gate naturally. And stand still for 1-2 s. If the inspected person is in possession of prohibited items, a cartoon puppet image will appear on the screen, and the specific part of the cartoon puppet image will be displayed in red. This method has a good privacy protection advantage for the inspected personnel.

  1. conclusion

To sum up, airport security inspection is an important line of defense to ensure the safety of air transportation. The safety and reliability of security inspection work are continuously improved through scientific and technological means, so as to ensure the intelligent travel of passengers. It is expected that in the next few years, all civil aviation in China will enter a new product replacement period, develop to a higher level, a wider field, and a deeper level, leading the security inspection reform in the intelligent era.

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