How to Tell if a Loved One is an Alcoholic


It’s hard to help your loved ones. But they probably need your help more than you realize. They might not even be aware that they are an alcoholic.

It can be difficult to tell if someone is an alcoholic. Just because someone enjoys drinking doesn’t mean they have a problem. But alcoholism sneaks up on you.

There are several ways to tell if someone you love has a problem. Here are a few of the signs.

  1. They Drink Too Much

This is the most obvious sign of alcoholism.

Alcoholics usually don’t know when to stop drinking.

Watch and see if your loved one drinks more than others at social events. Or see if they drink at places where others aren’t drinking. Watch to see if they are drinking alone.

Alcoholics usually go out of their way to find alcohol.

They prefer to hang out in places where alcohol is readily available. This might be their own home. Or it could be the bar or a friend’s house.

If you’ve noticed someone’s had too much to drink, point it out. If they continue to drink, that’s a problem.

Ask your loved one when the last time they went somewhere and didn’t drink was. Or ask when the last time they went a whole day without drinking was.

If they can’t answer you, that’s a problem.

  1. They’re Lying to You

Most alcoholics are lying to themselves, too.

They will deny that they have a problem. They will lie about the amount they’ve been drinking. They will lie about where they’ve been.

This can be very frustrating to deal with.

It’s difficult to trust someone who’s lying to you.

Alcoholism is a disease. It alters the brain. Without alcohol, an alcoholic’s brain can’t function properly.

When that’s the case, it’s probably time to look into staging an intervention. Your loved one probably needs to go to a rehab center.

There are higher chances of recovery associated with residential rehab centers. That’s because rehab is about more than just getting sober. It’s about creating a better version of yourself.

Here is some information on the benefits of rehab.

It can be hard to send someone to rehab. It can also be hard to listen to them lie to you. It won’t be easy to trust them when they come back.

Be patient and trust will be restored.

  1. They’re Showing Physical Signs

Doctors can tell if someone is an addict.

Physical signs of addiction are altered mood, shaking, insomnia, blackouts, and other health problems.

Alcoholics develop a high tolerance to alcohol. They might not be drunk all the time. This is the case for high functioning alcoholics.

There are people who can go about their lives with an addiction without anyone noticing. They then have problems when they can’t access alcohol.

Symptoms aren’t the same for all types of drugs.

If your loved one is using another type of drug, the side effects will be different. Some side effects are more severe than others.

Do some research if you need to figure out what someone is on.

  1. They Aren’t Themselves

You probably know your loved one pretty well.

Think about if they have changed recently. Is their behavior simply not what it used to be? This could be because of an addiction.

There are many types of changes in personality.

Not all personality changes are the result of drugs and alcohol.

It could be that your loved one has another problem. Or maybe they have another underlying problem. This could escalate the addiction.

Tell them they don’t seem like themselves. There might be an explanation.

  1. They Talk About It

Most addicts want help.

They won’t admit it to themselves or anyone else.

They are more likely to casually mention their problem. Or they are likely to talk a lot about alcohol. Or they might do the opposite and not talk about alcohol.

If someone says something that worries you, listen. Ask them what they mean. Make sure they aren’t just joking.

People usually make a cry for help before things get too bad.


It’s hard having a loved one who’s an alcoholic. But you need to take the first step and tell them.

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