Pocket-Friendly Tips For Throwing A Party When You’re Down To Your Last Savings


Special occasion celebrations are best appreciated with a lip-smacking cake and the company of family and friends. Be it a wedding, graduation party, birthday, anniversary, or Raksha Bandhan; cakes hold a special place in all celebrations. However, making the good times cherishable can be challenging when you stay away from your loved ones in Delhi! Thanks to online bakeries, you won’t have to break the bank or sweat to make special occasions a gem with a cake treat. Read on as we share pocket-friendly tips for throwing a party when you’re down to your last savings.

Make a bucket list

Having a bucket list is preparing yourself for success! Whether you have time on your hands or are working around the clock to get the buck, a bucket list puts you in a position to follow up on the nitty-gritties of the party.

The first issues to put on top of the bucket list are!

The expected number of guests – knowing the number of guests who will be coming to your party celebrations allows you to have sufficient food and drink for everyone. 

The venue – when you know the number of people you’re expecting at the party, you can now make arrangements to find a venue to accommodate the merrymakers. 

The type of party – are you planning to throw a baby shower, kids’ birthday, graduation, or an anniversary party for the lovely couple in your life? Then adding the type of party to your bucket list helps you concentrate on the relevant details.

Invitation cards

Sending invitation cards is a great way of informing loved ones about the party as well as calling out for their aid. Since near and dear ones bring gifts to shower their love and happiness, you can simply inform them to bring certain gifts that you can also use on the special occasion. With invitation cards, you can engage your guests to confirm that they will be coming and the items they are able to bring. You can send personalized digital or printed invitation cards! With online gift stores, you won’t even break the bank or sweat to make and send invitation cards.

Home decorations

Decoration plays an important role in indoor and outdoor spaces! A cool party decoration livens up the aura of all celebrations. When you have decided on the type of party and the venue, you now need to choose the ideal decoration solutions that suit your budget. Many decoration solutions are available, from plants & flowers, Balloons to posters and LED lights. You can avoid costly home renovations by adding a stunning plant arrangement along with some LED lights.

The cake

The cake cutting and feeding hour is the most awaited moment of all celebrations. Cakes are essential ingredients for good times! So, you must ensure a lip-smacking and well-decorated cake for your near and dear ones. If you know how to bake a cake, you can make a homemade cake. You will just need the baking ingredients and time for the bake. But, if you do not have time for the bake or are staying miles away from your loved ones in Delhi, you can order cake online in Delhi from Bakingo. So, check out the exclusive cake collection by price, type, theme, flavor, recipient, and occasion.

Keep the guests entertained – a party without music and engaging activities can be a boring event! So, keep your guests entertained by playing popular party music! You can create a playlist ahead of time so that you avoid the last-minute rush. Keep the party lively with engaging activities! Depending on the type of party you are planning, you can line up a variety of games that everyone can enjoy.

Give them gifts to cherish

Gift-giving is the best way to make an impression on loved ones, especially on special occasions. And no gift is too small to present heartfelt emotions! You can simply pick small or affordable gifts like keyrings, jewelry, gift cards, personalized diaries, and plant gifts, to name a few.

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