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Video conferencing technology is currently changing the game in many fields. From business to education where you can create a live virtual classroom, many new opportunities emerge thanks to contemporary technology. Despite being incredibly convenient and efficient, video conferencing requires a careful approach to be beneficial. It is essential to invest in reliable and high-quality video conferencing software to unleash its true potential. Just like powerful equipment, excellent software plays a huge role in creating accessible and effective video conferences.

What Does Video Conferencing Mean?

Video conferencing is a modern technology that combines audio and video calls into one, allowing two or more people to communicate with each other over the web. This is a perfect solution for business meetings, contacting clients, having classes with your students, hosting various events, and more. Thanks to video conferencing, people can connect over the Internet regardless of their location in the world.

To be able to host or join a video call, it is necessary to have at least some basic equipment and special software. Most video conferences can be done via a computer or portable gadget. It is also necessary to have a screen, a camera, and a microphone to be able to transmit and receive video and sound. A single smartphone is a convenient video conferencing setup on its own as it has all the necessary features.

Choosing the Best Software for Video Conferencing

Video conferences are widely used in different fields. Each instance requires certain features from video call software. This means that it is important to choose reliable software based on your specific requirements. Here is how you can discover the perfect video conferencing software for you.

Consider the Necessary Features

Previously, people were able to only talk on a video conference without much functionality. Modern software delivers a diverse range of features that might be extremely useful for a business, college, or any other institution. Here are some of the popular video call features to consider when you are searching for nice software:

  • Recording sessions – you might want to record each call for many reasons. While video calls are excellent for live communication, it is great to have an opportunity to re-watch a conference in case you could not join in when it took place. If you arrange a product launch event or some type of webinar, it is nice to have the recording uploaded on the site for visitors to see. In addition, in many countries, it is necessary to have recordings for legal reasons.
  • Text chat – as convenient as it is to communicate verbally via a video call, it is often necessary to have an alternative communication channel in case a few different people are joining a conference. A chat box can be useful if you want to say something without interrupting the speaker.
  • Screen sharing – this is one of the most important functions as it allows for sharing a lot of different media with the viewers. You can share your screen with the video call members and demonstrate anything from a PowerPoint presentation to a video or document.
  • Setting up a background – of course, it is nice to have a dedicated space for video conferences with a carefully curated background that reflects your professionalism and creative vision. However, as video calls are often used on business trips, at home, or even on the go, it is sometimes impossible to have a nice background. With a feature that allows setting up wallpaper for your user, you can sit in a hotel room with a background picture that masks your surroundings.
  • Emotes – when you want to express your feelings about certain statements without interrupting the speaker or need to raise a hand to say something, being able to use various emojis or emotes is a great solution.

These are only the most commonly used features in video conferencing software. Each platform or program can have some unique features that might be of great use to you.

Keep in Mind the Number of People

The number of people that need or can join the video call differs for each company or event. If you are a teacher, you might need to host a few dozen students at most. If you are a business owner, your requirements might vary from a small team of employees to a few thousand viewers that want to see your presentation. Most video conferencing software is designed to host large numbers of people as opposed to some classic video call options suitable for talking to your relatives only. However, the capacity of each platform is different, and it is important to clarify such things beforehand.

Client Support

Both hardware and software can sometimes malfunction or cause some trouble. With software, it is crucial to have impeccable customer care as in many situations, people cannot afford to have technical issues. If you have an event planned for thousands of people to see, you want to be sure that everything will go according to plan or at least that you will receive quick and professional support if needed. Even if there are no issues, you might have some questions about how the software works in general or about its features.

The Benefits of Video Conferencing Software

Investing in good video conferencing software is a great move for your business. Thanks to video conferencing, you can both save time and cut costs significantly on any project. There is no need for employees to run around the office building or travel to other cities anymore. With video calls, all communication becomes faster and more efficient. Moreover, investing in reliable video call equipment once is way better than hiring a filming crew each time you want to broadcast an event or paying for a business trip to another city. Thanks to the various features available in modern video conferencing software, communication and collaboration have become infinitely easier.

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