Self Storage Units Vs Traditional Storage Facility: Which one’s for you?


There are times when you require extra storage in your house. During these times you have the option to choose the top self-storage companies or opt for traditional storage companies USA. the best self-storage companies are the more popular choice but both of these options have their own merits. We have compared the largest self-storage companies in US to the traditional storage faculties to give you a better idea of which one is the best for you. 

  1. Availability

The number of top self-storage companies in the US is much higher than traditional storage units. Therefore, you have a large selection of companies to choose from. Traditional storage units are also available in many cities but they are limited when compares to self-storage facilities. 

Due to there being a large number of companies for self-storage in USA you get many types of self-storage units to choose from. This allows you to choose the best units as per your requirements from the best self-storage companies. 

  1. Cost

Renting from the top self-storage companies is cheaper when compared to traditional storage facilities. Self-storage facilities require you to store the items yourself. You need to take the items to the storage unit and store them. 

On the other hand, traditional storage companies in USA pick up your packed items from the house and store them by themselves. Since they provide these facilities they charge more than a self-storage facility. 

  1. Accessibility

Self-storage units allow you full access to your storage units. You have the keys to your storage unit and you can easily access it during working hours. Moreover, many of the largest self-storage companies in US provide you 24/7 access to your storage units. 

You can take out your items as and when you please. However, you do not get this flexibility with traditional storage units. These units require you to book an appointment with the storage facility if you want to get your items. 

Moreover, after your appointment is confirmed, they deliver the items to your house in some time. So there are some limitations with the accessibility to your stored items.

  1. Location

The location of your storage unit matters. The best self-storage companies have a huge coverage over America. They are available in all the states and major cities. On the other hand, traditional storage units are less popular and thus have fewer locations. 

The chances of you finding the best cheap self-storage units near your house are much more than finding a traditional storage unit. 

  1. Purpose of storage

Your purpose for storing items will help you determine the type of storage facility suitable for you. If you are storing things temporarily. You should choose a self-storage unit. They allow you to store and remove items from your storage units at any time. 

Moreover, they are located in major cities so it will not be difficult to put items in and out of your storage unit frequently. However, if you want long-term storage solutions you can look at traditional storage companies USA. 

These companies provide good services but accessing your unit frequently is a hassle. Therefore, you can select them for the storage of long-term goods. 

  1. Safety

The safety of your goods is of paramount importance. If you are thinking of the safest storage units near me, you can choose traditional storage solutions. They do not allow anyone else to enter the facility except for employees so, you get better security.

 However, some of these storage companies USA are irresponsible with your items and you might get some damage. Self-storage faculties also offer you great security. Most of the top self-storage companies offer you safety mechanisms. 

They have video surveillance, fenced property, keypad access, and more. The extra security provided by the traditional storage facilities is good but they charge a lot more as well.  

  1. Amenities

Traditional storage units provide you with free bins and bags to store your items. However, these are only suitable for small items. The larger items have to be stored by you or you can purchase supplies from them. Further, they send their professionals to help you pack, and then they carry your items to their storage facility. 

On the other hand, the top self-storage companies provide some cool amenities as well. Many of them provide free moving tucks to their facilities which reduces your costs. They even offer free rent for the first month among other benefits.

  1. Rent contracts

Self-storage in USA allows you to have short-term contracts. You can get some of the best deals from them. Moreover, they offer monthly contracts. You can easily get out of the contracts which gives you a lot of flexibility if you want to change your storage facility. 

The traditional storage companies USA have larger contracts. You should be prepared to commit to a multiple-month contract if you want to use their services. 


You should be able to make your decision based on this article. Oth os these storage facilities have their advantages and disadvantages. The traditional storage facilities are less popular due to their cost and lack of convenience. However, you should select the one that fits your needs the best.

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