7 Ways You Can Help the World’s Most Vulnerable People


Helping others is simply a part of some people’s nature. They do it not to receive praise, but because they can and because they care. 

If you are one of those people, you have probably thought about how you can help the world’s most vulnerable humans. You don’t have to look any further to find the answers to that question, as here are seven amazing ways to make a real difference in the world by helping others. 

  1. Foster Children 

Have you ever considered fostering kids? While it is an enormous responsibility, it makes a big difference in a vulnerable child’s life. Whether you choose to foster short-term or long-term, you will be helping the kids that need it most. 

If you are interested in fostering, reputable agencies like Fostering People and their Nottingham branch, among others, have lots of information for new-time foster parents, including an eligibility test and a finance calculator. You can also send an inquiry to agencies in your local area if you are thinking about becoming a foster parent. 

  1. Donate Old Clothes and Household Items 

Need a wardrobe clear-out? One of the easiest ways to help the needy is to donate your pre-loved clothes and household items. Instead of selling or throwing away your garments and shoes, consider donating to a charity that takes these goods and gives them to those in need. 

This is a simple way to ensure people who need clothes the most receive them – plus, the same goes for your old, usable items, not just clothing and shoes. For instance, microwaves, utensils, clean bedding, furniture, and essential electrical items all in good condition and working order are excellent items to donate to people that may need but can’t afford them.

  1. Volunteer Your Time 

Do you have a spare afternoon free every week? Or perhaps you’re retired and looking for rewarding ways to spend your time? If so, one of the best ways to help the vulnerable is by volunteering your time. Luckily, there are plenty of volunteering opportunities out there covering a wide variety of niches. 

You could volunteer at a homeless shelter, helping by dishing out food and organizing clothes, or you might want to volunteer at an animal shelter if you love wildlife and pets. Alternatively, you could even volunteer overseas to help build houses, schools, orphanages, and hospitals in poverty-stricken areas if you have ample free time and a ton of ambition.

In addition, if you have particular qualifications or skills – such as plumbing, teaching, medicine, or nursing – you could also volunteer to help the needy in such areas, either in your local area or abroad.

Whatever the case may be, when it comes to volunteer work, there is no limit, so you can find an area that you are personally passionate about and dedicate yourself to that cause – all you need is a little bit of time.

  1. Donate to Food Banks 

The next time you do your weekly food shop, add a couple of extra items and then donate them to a food bank – many supermarkets even have an area where you can drop them off. It’s a simple way to help ensure everyone (particularly the vulnerable) gets fed. 

  1. Donate Blood 

If you are a healthy adult that meets certain criteria, you can donate blood. It is an incredibly selfless act to undertake, as it helps ensure people who need blood transfusions get them. This is even better if you have blood type O negative, as that particular type can be used in any transfusion on any person. 

  1. Make Monthly Donations to Charity 

Do you have a little spare cash every month? If so, pick a charity and set up a monthly transaction. It’s easy to do, and you don’t even have to think about it once it’s set up – it simply takes the money from your bank. It needn’t be much, either; every single cent donated stacks up and makes a massive difference. 

  1. Choose a Career that Helps People

If you are serious about helping the most vulnerable people in the world, why not choose a career that allows you to do just that? Careers like nursing, medicine, psychiatry, and social work are excellent choices for people who want to give their time and effort to those that need it the most.

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