Want To Gain Weight? Here’s How You Can


When you are underweight, you have to gain weight to get to your healthy weight. But before you realize you need to gain weight, it is better to calculate your body mass index. If you stand in front of the mirror and feel you need to gain some pounds, that might not be the appropriate standard. A body mass index is an appropriate indicator that tells whether you should gain weight or not. Sometimes, we feel we need to gain weight, but we do not need to do so because we have a healthy body mass index. Also, before you decide to gain weight, it is better to consult a nutritionist and a fitness trainer. They can gauge your health status and tell you.

If you have any food allergies or intolerance, you must avoid its intake. You may not gain weight because of any gastrointestinal condition that impairs food absorption. Therefore it is essential to consult a healthcare provider about it. To get an expert opinion, you can visit the Best Gastroenterologist in Lahore.

Here in this article, we will tell you tips that can help gain weight.

 Eat More Often

When you have to put on weight, the essential thing to do is eat more. That does not mean that you eat junk and unhealthy foods. But you have to incorporate healthy foods into your diet, such as fruits, dates, and vegetables.

If you can not eat more in one meal, you can have two to three small meals instead. It is better not to force-feed your stomach in a single sitting. Therefore, have 4 to 5 small meals in which you consume more than 2 large meals. In this way, you can gain some pounds healthily.

 Drink Calories

When we ask you to drink calories, that does not mean you should drink cola, soda, or wine. But that means you drink healthy calories. For that, you can make smoothies containing milk, cream, yogurt, fruits, nuts, and dates. Mix them all, grind and drink those yummy smoothies. You can try different fruits that you like with combinations of nuts and toppings.

To make new smoothies, you can try different recipes. You can also consult a nutritionist about it. They can guide you about how many servings and the amount of smoothie or other drinks you should drink.

To gain weight, you can consume two to three cups of full-fat milk daily. It will not only help you gain weight, but also you will have fresh skin and a revitalized soul. Milk gives you ample energy that helps keep you going.

 Drink Soups

To top up with calories, you can incorporate soup into your diet. And if it is creamy, it will be more delicious and help you gain more pounds.

 Add Cheese To Your Diet

In your diet, incorporate the cheese. Along with ample calories, it will add deliciousness to your meal, and give you energy and nutrition.

You can eat cheese in different forms in your diets, such as spreading cheese on bread, eating pizzas, and adding it to your burgers and sandwiches. However, do not over consume cheese, especially if your cholesterol levels are high.

 The Bottom Line

Gaining weight can be difficult. Therefore you might need to put in some extra effort. However, if you have some health condition that impairs absorption, you must consult a healthcare provider. To get an expert opinion, you can visit oladoc.com.

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