Tricks And Tips For Your British Governess Interview


Interviewing can be tricky since you want to get a job and show your most outstanding qualities. A special “drag” is when you let nerves get in the way even though you know you’re excellent at your job! We all have been there, and we are all aware that “the imposter syndrome” is real and can really get in the way of your ambitions. So here, we will try to provide some useful interview hacks that can make your applying for a job as a London governess easier. 

In order to get through the interviewing and trial stages, you need to make sure that you behave in a way that highlights your key attributes. Both parents and agencies will love you if you present yourself in your most favorable light (metaphorically speaking).

Every person is different, and of course, what makes you a perfect candidate for becoming a nanny is unique to you only. Families, their personalities, and their children are all different, and that is why it is a great thing that the agencies will always make sure to find a perfect match. Therefore, be honest with your good and bad sides, and all will be just fine. 

Interviews Can Be Both Online And Offline- Make Sure To Prepare For Both 

In case you are meeting your next potential employers at their home or another location, ensure you do your research about the location on time. It will be extremely unpleasant if you don’t know where and how to reach the family on the day of the interview, and that is why you need to get ready on time. Of course, try to be not so invasive also, since no one would like to know that you are ogling around their house, that would just be too weird.

If, however, you are interviewing for a nanny vacancy via Skype, or Zoom, in that case, you need to focus on the presentation. In addition, we all are using technology and its advantages, however, sometimes it can let you down. So, in order to avoid being nervous over something that can go wrong due to tech issues, just be nicely prepared, and nervousness will go away in no time. Make sure that you have a strong enough internet connection, ensure your web camera and the audio is working, and do the general check once again 30 minutes before the appointment.

What is also unique with online meetings is that you need to pay attention to your background. Make sure that it is plain, that your room is not messy, and that no one disturbs you while you are interviewing. The first impression is really important, and you need to show yourself as a reliable and responsible candidate.

How To Prepare- Basic Tricks And Tips

As we have already mentioned, every person is different. Some families will prefer an introverted nanny if their child is more introverted, while some of them would prefer more outgoing personalities if they are more outgoing themselves. However, there are some unique and universal rules that everyone needs to follow and now we will discuss some of them. 

What will definitely make your job search easier is a proper London governess agency, so think about becoming a part of one, plus the preparation of course. Usually, the mix of these two never fails, so except for a fine agency, let’s check out what you need to pay attention to:

  • Be honest
  • Prepare your own set of questions
  • Make sure to give examples of your previous work experiences ( daily activities that you have been using with children, etc) 

In the end, just take a deep breath, and believe in yourself. Always make sure to remind yourself that you’ve got this and that the family will like you if you show them your true values. 

Be Honest With The Family 

Maybe it sounds like a cliche, but being honest is the most important thing and honesty is really the best policy. Even if this would be your first job, and you are new at this, it is better to be straightforward about it. Families will feel your vibe and appreciate your honesty and the will to learn

Still, it is not all so perfect, and we know it, but it is better to be honest with your qualifications in order to avoid some embarrassing, or even potentially dangerous situations later. 

That is why it is crucial, to be honest, and fair about your strengths and your limitations. Pretending you are more qualified than you really are will maybe get you a job, but an exaggeration of that kind can soon be identified by a family. Trust us when we say that it is better to say that you are learning about something than tell that you already know all about the topic such as sleep patterns, daily activities, etc. The parents deserve to know everything about the person who is taking care of their child. 

Prepare The Questions For The Family 

Before your interview, take some time to reverse the roles and ask yourself what kind of questions would you be asking the person that you would have wanted to hire to take care of your child. For example- make sure to ask questions about the activities that children enjoy the most, attitudes about education and upbringing, family values, dietary regimes, etc.

As a nanny or governess, your needs and requirements being met are very important, however, if you focus on yourself only, you may find yourself in a very awkward position since the family may perceive you as self-centered and not caring enough. Still, after you ask questions about the children, for sure you need to negotiate salary, living conditions, hours, days off, etc. Therefore, just make a balance of these two, and you will be just fine. 


Make Sure To Give Examples Of Your Previous Work Experience 

Before the interview, make sure you are well informed about the ages of the child(ren) you will be working with. That is very important because you will need some time to think about how you might plan a daily or weekly schedule with age-appropriate activities. 

You have tons of examples- baking, arts and crafts, construction, play dates, singing and reading time, and sometimes even a messy playing time. Besides knowing the suitable activities, the key is to communicate with the parents about the needs of their children. You need to be aware that while some are very clear about their needs, others will leave it all up to you due to lack of time, or any other reason. 

That is why, it is important for you to think about activities you have done with previous children that they enjoyed and it is even better if it was for educational purposes. Still, not everything has to be about education, you need also to have fun with them. 

To sum up, be aware of both your qualities and flaws. Know yourself first, and then start a job quest. It will have ups and downs, but in time, you will find what you are looking for.


Anne Harris is an HR specialist working for She recruits nannies, governesses and other childcare professionals, ensuring top-notch services for parents worldwide. In her free time she likes reading about education, and children’s welfare, as well as visiting sports events.

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