How To Iron Dress Pant And Make It Classy


These issues didn’t bother you when you were younger. You were concerned about wearing torn, wrinkled jeans to school or cleaning your clothes. Unfortunately, you gain duties with time. You realise that looking nice, creating a good first impression, and keeping a good professional image are key parts of your adult years. You’re probably no longer living with your parents, so you’ll need to iron. We’ll walk you through the process of ironing pants.

How To Iron Dress Pant With 6 Easy Steps:

Ironing is one of those time-consuming tasks that can take away from time spent with family and friends. Whether you require an ironed item, a washed and ironed item, or a half dozen/dozen ironed items, Hello Laundry offers a customised wash and iron service and mobile ironing service. Here’s a little something to encourage you to try it!

1. Have everything you’ll need to iron a pair of jeans on hand

Arrange an ironing board, an iron, a spray bottle of water, and your wrinkled pants before you begin. 

We suggest you:

  • Only turn on the iron when you’re ready to use it, and adjust the heat to the ironed item.
  • Make sure there’s enough water in the iron.
  • Move the iron around and leave it in one spot to avoid burns.

2. Check the label : 

Before washing or ironing any garment, read the label to ensure you’re doing it right. Some clothes are ironed, whereas others aren’t. Some garments require steam ironing, while others do not. The required temperature is also mentioned on certain labels. Following these instructions will extend the range of your clothing.

3. First, iron the pockets and waistband:

Pockets and waistbands, contrary to popular belief, should be ironed first. Turn the pockets inside out and iron the pants on the ironing board.

When the pockets are finished, make sure they are turned the proper side up and that the fabric does not wrinkle, as this will affect the rest of the pants when ironed.

Ironing the waistline is best done by clicking the iron against it without moving it. Ensure that the fabric is stretched to avoid creases caused by folds.

4. Ironing the pants’ legs

It’s here that we find how simple ironing pants may be. Take one of the legs and iron the center of each leg on the ironing board with the seams on each side. There won’t be many wrinkles if your pants haven’t been in the basket for a long time waiting to be ironed. When ironing, ensure the fabric is extended to get the best results.

5. How do you iron creased pants?

Some pants, particularly dress pants, have a pronounced crease running down the middle of the legs. Hold both leg seams on the ironing board sideways to iron them (one leg at a time). Make sure both seams are joined to make it as straight as possible.

Press the iron from the top to the bottom of the pants, then iron the rest of the line between the ironed points to bring the two points together. At the bottom of the legs, the crease should end.

6. The last step before your pants are ready to wear

Repeat the process for the opposite leg. Allow the pants to cool before storing them once both have been pressed. It’ll readily wrinkle again if you store it while it’s still warm.


It improves with practice, just like everything else. Remember that leaving it to the professionals is the best way to receive perfectly ironed pants. Choose between mobile ironing service alone or washing and ironing when making your order with Hello Laundry and have all of your items ready to wear in no time. You can also choose a dozen/half-dozen ironed items on hand, whether you’re going to work or out with friends.

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