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This Business Online Banking Agreement governs the use of People’s United Bank’s treasury. By accessing treasury or permitting anyone else to use it, you accept the terms and conditions of this Agreement on behalf of yourself and any person or entity authorized or otherwise permitted to act on your behalf. Before accessing treasury _ you should read this Agreement thoroughly and you may want to print it as it contains important terms that apply to you and anyone authorized to use United business bank.

Please review this Agreement regularly as we reserve the right to amend the terms of this Agreement and change the fees associated with the use of United business bank at any time. If no notice is required by applicable law, we reserve the option, in our business judgment, to provide or not provide notice of such changes.

If we do provide notice of changes, we may do so by posting the changed or new terms or fees online or mailing or emailing notice to you separately or in an account statement mailed to your address as it appears in our records or providing such notice in any other manner we choose. You agree that such notice is sufficient and you also agree that by using United business bank after the Agreement or fees have been amended, whether notice has been provided or not, you accept the changed and/or new terms and/or fees.

Throughout this Agreement the words “we”, “us”, “our”, “the Bank” and “People’s United” mean People’s United Bank, N.A. The words “you” and “your” and “your company” mean any person or entity that has a business Deposit Account with us that may be accessed through United business bank and includes each person acting on behalf of such entity. An entity includes sole proprietorships, partnerships, joint ventures¸ limited liability companies, corporations, professional corporations, non-for-profit associations and corporations, government agencies, municipalities, and other such organizations. Terms that have special meanings are defined in the Glossary at the end of this document as well as in the People’s United Business Deposit Account Contract (BDAC).

As an United business bank customer you can view account information, initiate transactions, and access reports online with respect to the deposit accounts, loan accounts, and overnight investments you have elected to access through United business bank .This may include access to the following:

  • Account Activity and Summary Reports
  • Deposit Account Information
  • Transaction Histories for Checking, Savings, Money Market, Loan, and CD accounts
  • Express Transfers (internal transfers made from one account to another account)
  • Bill Payments (available upon request)
  • Business Loan Payments
  • Business Overdraft Line Payments
  • Stop Payment Orders
  • Secure emails to the Bank

In addition to the above, if you are an United business bank Treasury Management customer you may have access to further information and transactions related to those accounts or services you subscribe to that are accessible through United business bank Depending on the type and level of services you have selected, you may have access to the following:

  • Special Summary Balance Reporting
  • BAI2 formatted transaction information
  • Wire Activity Reporting
  • Book Transfers (internal transfers made from one account to many accounts)
  • Advances from Business Lines of Credit (Bank approval required)
  • Principal-Only Payments to Business Loans or Business Overdraft Lines
  • ACH transactions including federal and state tax payments
  • Wire Transfers (domestic and/or international)
  • ACH Debit Block decisioning
  • Deposit Escrow Sub Account Reporting Services
  • ACH Positive Pay
  • Foreign Exchange
  • Controlled Disbursement

All reports and transactions available through United business bank are described in greater detail online once you have signed on to United business bank in help guides.
Charges and fees are listed in our Schedule of Deposit Account Charges, in separate pricing and service agreements, and/or in other disclosures that may apply to accounts and Treasury Management services available through United bank Treasury Management services fees and charges applicable to your accounts are detailed on your monthly Account Analysis Statement. For each account accessed through United business bank you authorize us to assess all applicable United business bank fees against the balances held in any of your People’s United deposit accounts.

Accounts Accessible through United business bank
If you choose to do so you may link personal deposit and loan accounts in business online banking. If you link your personal accounts, both business and personal deposit and loan accounts and overnight investment accounts may be accessible by all of your company’s United business bank users. If you link your personal/consumer deposit accounts, as a convenience to you, we will display your personal/consumer deposit account statements in United business bank Please note, however, that federal law requires banks to deliver periodic account statements to you either in paper form or electronically, if you consent to electronic delivery. The fact that we display your periodic statement in business online banking does not satisfy this legal requirement. If you wish to have your periodic statements for your personal/consumer accounts delivered electronically, you must be enrolled in People’s United consumer online banking and have elected electronic statement delivery. If you do not enroll in People’s United consumer online banking including electronic statement delivery, we will send paper statements to your most current mailing address according to our records. Please note that depending on the type of consumer deposit account, you may incur a higher monthly fee for paper statements.


All accounts entitled for access by your company’s users in United business bank are subject to review and approval by People’s United Bank. Use of such accounts by your company and/or by your users may be revoked at any time with or without notice. Once an account has been closed it will be deleted from viewing in accounts after 90 days including viewing of history, transaction functionality and, if applicable, statements on that account.

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