Why is Power Supply Important When Building a PC?


A computer power supply is one of the most important parts of your PC build. Sadly, most users do not pay much attention to this device. Your computer’s 41a9701 – IBM / Lenovo 280-Watts Power Supply has to supply the exact voltage required by your system. Your memory and processor are the most sensitive parts of your system and thus, need an exact supply. This post will discuss why it is vital to remember PSU when building a PC. Following are the details.

It is Necessary 

Usually, we do not think a lot about the infrastructure when walking on the road. But if someone had not taken the time to do these things, things would not be so amazing. In the same way, when a user builds a PC, they get obsessed with the number of computer units and the number of cores a processor has. But it is very rare that a user thinks about a jh994 – Dell 305-Watts PSU, which delivers power to every device on your PC. 

If the system does not get the required power, or if your PSU malfunctions, you can have a number of issues. Your computer can be seriously damaged due to these issues. Also, it may not boot, might become unstable, or simply shuts down when it doesn’t get the required energy. Moreover, there is a chance that exclusive components may get seriously damaged from the instability. But don’t get worried as there are many good online tech stores where you can get a decent power supply.

Efficiency Rating

There is always a power rating with every power supply system. You can see that these devices have 80 Plus ratings, including Titanium, Platinum, Gold, Silver, or Bronze. Basically, all these figures are the reliability and efficiency ratings. The power supply will provide at least 80% of the received power to your computer system. The efficiency requirements alter depending on the voltage and capacity. Its reliability increases with the metal name after it. 

The reason behind developing these efficiency ratings was the fact that power supply units are 100% efficient. They lose 10 to 15% of their energy in the form of temperature or heat. You can search a number of 80 Plus devices online, but pick the one with a higher efficiency rating and the higher value metal.


You can pick an 19k1289 – IBM 400-Watts  Power Supply by seeing how much electricity it will consume. To find the Best Power Supply, a good rule is to pick the one having a 25% more wattage rating and the probable output for your computer. Therefore, if the max expected wattages are 400 watts, then you can go for a 500W PSU as it will easily provide some future-proofing. 

These days, several power supply calculators are available online that can predict your wattage requirement. Don’t get surprised if different calculators show different recommendations because these will be just estimates.

Features to Look for in a Computer Power Supply

  • There are some important considerations to look for when you are building a PC, including the issue of a modular or non-modular power supply. A modular device comes without any attached cords. It is usually referred fully modular. A user can attach the cords if needed. 
  • On the other hand, a semi-modular has several cables that cannot be detached. These are essentials, like the 24-pin cable, the power connector, and others. These devices are known as modular or just semi-modular in the tech market. Lastly, there are non-modular power supplies too, with all of the cables attached to the PSU.
  • We will recommend you pick a fully modular power supply because you can control the cables lurking in the back of your computer system. Talking about the price tag, non-modular power supplies are a bit cheaper, but you will also have to deal with a lot of cables in the back of your case. This can be a cause of serious pain for you. For a cleaner build, you should go for a fully modular or a semi-modular device. 
  • You should buy an IBM / Lenovo 280-Watts 41a9701 Power Supply as the company is famous for designing and manufacturing the Best Power Supply all around the globe. As there are tons of devices out there from several brands, most of which you have never heard of. Those unknown companies could set you up for a gusted power supply sooner than you expected. 
  • So, always buy a power supply from brands including Dell, IBM, Lenovo, EVGA, Corsair, and Cooler Master. It does not mean that we are taking guarantees from these renowned companies, but it is definitely a safer bet than other unknown companies.
  • Last but not least, always pay close attention to the warranty. You should buy a Dell 305-Watts jh994 PSU only if it has at least a 2-years warranty. Moreover, there are power supply units that come with five-to-ten-year warranties so that a user can be more certain about their reliability and longer life span. 

Some Affordable PSUs 

Apart from the power supply units that we have mentioned above, there are some devices you can buy as they are not going to cost you a lot.

  • IBM 400-Watts 19k1289 Power Supply
  • Corsair CX450
  • XPG Core Reactor 650W
  • Cooler Master V750 Gold V2

Final Words

Your computer system will not provide its maximum and best output without a decent power supply unit. That’s why PSU selection should be considered one of the most important parts of a PC build. If you are in search of a decent and budget-friendly power supply or any other computer hardware accessory, you can visit our online store Hraddiskdirect.com. We have a number of IT and computer-related accessories at very reasonable prices. We hope that you enjoyed reading this post. Stay in touch with us for more technical blogs. 

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