CannaSOS, Leafly, and WeedLife Are the Best Cannabis Business Social Networks for Cannabis Entrepreneurs


If you’re a cannabis-business owner, you’ve probably heard of Leafly and WeedLife, but what is CannaSOS? Are they the best social network for cannabis entrepreneurs? Here are a few tips. Identify your target audience, and find the social network that is best suited to their needs. If your target market is in the cannabis industry, this article will introduce you to three top social media platforms for cannabis businesses.


While the cannabis business social network Leafly has yet to make a profit, it is growing rapidly. In fact, it recently announced it would generate $53 million in revenue by the end of 2022. The company will use the money to invest in its platform and focus on increasing its subscription base, both for brands and retailers, and to build recurring revenue. To make it easier for brands and retailers to grow, Leafly is also tracking key performance indicators, or KPIs, to ensure success.

The company makes money by charging brands and retailers subscription fees for advertising on its platform. Leafly claims that it has more than 50 percent market penetration and an addressable market of thousands of brands. While it is still a young company, Leafly management has a long-term vision and a long-term strategy. In addition, it has added payment processing to help make it easier for businesses to sell cannabis products. Despite the early volatility, Leafly’s CEO has a long-term vision.


There are several ways to increase your social media presence on WeedLife. Firstly, you can promote your cannabis business or brand. This site has a friendly and engaging community where you can chat with other cannabis business owners and gain valuable insights. Additionally, you can also participate in discussions and join brand pages to increase your brand’s awareness and sales. Lastly, you can use the WeedLife cannabis business social network to build a personal profile and promote your business independently.

Another popular cannabis business social network is Leaf wire. It’s very similar to linked-in and helps businesses and individuals to connect with potential customers. Mass Roots is particularly popular with college students, who are often on the lookout for a reputable dispensary. It also offers unique features, including customer analytics, that enable businesses to promote themselves and their products on the site. In addition, you can post pictures and videos of your products and services and engage in conversations with other cannabis business owners and users.

Leafly app

The Leafly app is a leading cannabis discovery resource and marketplace. Its latest update allows iPhone and iPad users to place pickup orders from legal cannabis dispensaries, following an Apple update to its guidelines. Leaflys update removes a major barrier to entering the legal cannabis market. Users can search for dispensaries and read reviews about them. The app also compiles articles on cannabis legalization, news, and studies.

The platform also allows users to rate cannabis Cannabis Business Social Networks strains and find the best products and stores. Users can find products based on their medicinal needs and desired effects. It’s organized like a periodic table, with strains color coded for easy identification. And Leaf search engine lets users find cannabis products based on their location. Whether users are seeking medical marijuana or a recreational elixir, Leaf offers a variety of social networking features.


CannaSOS is a cannabis-business social network with a huge user base and an extensive database of marijuana products. The site is designed for both new and experienced marijuana users and contains comprehensive information about marijuana strains, THC ratios, and effects. CannaSOS has a user-friendly platform that lets users ask questions about cannabis products and dispensaries. The community is comprised of members with varying levels of experience, and there are also plenty of groups where individuals can discuss the benefits of each type of cannabis product.

CannaSOS was originally designed as a networking platform for marijuana growers, but it has now evolved into a cannabis community for anyone interested in the industry. Topics range from the legalization of marijuana to the best weed dispensaries. With more than 400,000 members, Canna SOS is a great place to find investors, market your cannabis products, and discuss marijuana business. Its database is updated regularly, which helps you stay current on new trends and industry developments.

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