Which health insurance is best for maternity coverage?


With having a child, not only do we get a new identity as a mother but our entire life changes for good. No matter how worried or stressed you are about your life, seeing those little sparkly eyes will help you overcome any situation in life. However, giving birth to a baby these days is not that easy. Along with taking care of your health, you would also need to save money so that you can give birth to your baby in your preferred hospital. If you want some more benefits, you should rather buy a health insurance policy.

As a matter of fact, there are several maternity insurance plans that you can find in the industry. You can buy one of them to carry out a smooth pregnancy. So, let us today talk about maternity insurance plans here.

Benefits of buying a maternity health insurance plan

By buying a maternity health insurance policy, you will surely get several benefits. Here are some of them mentioned below:

  • One such plan includes prenatal and postnatal costs
  • It provides coverage for the expenses that are related to the newborn baby
  • It provides coverage for the vaccination of the newborn baby
  • It provides coverage for basic medical costs that are incurred during an emergency even if it is not related to maternity
  • One such plan can be availed of at an affordable premium amount
  • Under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act, 1961, tax benefits are available for such plans.

Some of the best health insurance plans in India

Health Insurance CompanyHealth Insurance PlansPlan Benefits
ManipalCigna Health InsuranceProHealth Insurance PlanIn-Patient Hospitalization ExpensesDaycare ExpensesDomiciliary Hospitalization Expenses
Bajaj Allianz General InsuranceHealth Guard Family Floater PlanPre-Hospitalization ExpensesPost-Hospitalization ExpensesAmbulance ExpensesDaycare Treatments
Aditya Birla Health InsuranceActiv Health Enhanced PlanOrgan Donor ExpensesPre-Hospitalization And Post-Hospitalization ExpensesIn-Patient Hospitalization Expenses
Care Health InsuranceJoy PlanPre-Hospitalization ExpensesPost-Hospitalization ExpensesIn-Patient Hospitalization ExpensesDaycare Procedures
Royal Sundaram General InsuranceTotal Health Plus PlanIn-Patient Hospitalization ExpensesMaternity ExpensesPre-Hospitalization And Post-Hospitalization Expenses

Things to consider while purchasing a maternity health insurance plan

Before buying a maternity health insurance plan, you must analyze your needs. Mentioned herein below are some of the factors that you must consider while buying a maternity health plan.

Waiting Period

Like almost all other health insurance plans, a maternity health insurance policy also comes with a waiting period. It is the period in which claims are not accepted by the insurance companies. Therefore, you must choose a maternity health insurance plan that comes with a shorter waiting period.


You might come across maternity health insurance plans for which you would be required to pay higher premiums. Therefore, make sure you choose a maternity plan that is affordable enough and within the budget.

Sum Insured

It is very important to opt for a maternity insurance plan that comes with a sufficient sum insured. You might need to pay a bit higher premiums but you at least will not have to compromise on the sum insured.

Network Hospitals

You can avail of cashless treatment on a health insurance plan only if you get treatment at a network hospital of the insurance company. As you choose cashless treatment, it will help you in saving a lot of time. Therefore, you need to ensure choosing a maternity health insurance policy that offers you a long list of network hospitals to choose from and you need to ensure that some of the hospitals are near your home.

Now, all that you need to do is to start hunting for such maternity plans. You can visit the IIFL website to find some of the top maternity health insurance policies.

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