A Quick Review of AWS Services and Products


AWS stands for Amazon Web Services. The company began in 1996 with a single product called Simple Queue Service, later expanding its offerings to include the Amazon Simple Storage Service and the Elastic Compute Cloud. Today, Amazon offers dozens of products ranging from identity management and customer service to quantum computing and robotics. You can use AWS services to build anything from an e-commerce site to a customer support system. The list is endless.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a cloud-based service provider

AWS has an extensive set of services and applications. Amazon started with the Simple Queue Service in 2006 and later added Elastic Compute Cloud and Amazon Simple Storage Service. Since then, AWS has expanded its range of services and products to include containerised applications, customer service, identity management, robotics, VR, quantum computing, and virtual reality. Here’s a quick review of the services offered by AWS.

It is owned by Amazon

In 1995, Amazon began as an online bookstore called Cadabra and today, the company has expanded into a variety of business segments. From selling shoes on Zappos to baby clothes sold through the marketplace, Amazon has a wide range of products and services. It even offers educational resources for teachers and other institutions. While most people might assume that Amazon is a large and powerful corporation, they may not realize just how influential the company really is.

It is a cash cow for Amazon

The company is reaping huge profits from its cloud offerings, including its Amazon Web Services (AWS). The services account for more than half of the company’s operating profit in 2020, and account for 12% of its total revenue. AWS is the foundation of Amazon’s logistics business, which routes over 2.5 billion packages per year. It is also a cash cow for Amazon because of its low prices. Unlike many other cloud companies, Amazon charges a low percentage of your earnings when you use their services, allowing you to enjoy high-quality, high-volume services for a fraction of the cost.

It is used by Unilever

Having already implemented a rich product information system on Amazon product pages, Unilever knew it was important to improve its enhanced content for the sake of education. To that end, Unilever worked with content26 to upgrade enhanced content for 150 web properties. After building trust with the Unilever team, content26 has worked with the company on 15 brands. The company has since migrated 350 web properties to AWS.

It is used by General Electric

The cloud-computing business of the world’s largest corporation, GE, has chosen Amazon Web Services as its cloud provider of choice. The company has been migrating applications to the cloud since 2014 and has migrated more than 2,000 core applications. AWS offers a variety of capabilities that make it an attractive choice for General Electric. The company has a wide range of applications that run on the cloud and is looking for new ways to leverage analytics and other AWS services to enhance its digital transformation.

It is used by Airbnb

Despite the rising costs associated with running an online service, Airbnb’s founders have already cut a lot of costs. They’ve also reduced their staff and marketing, and now they’re trying to cut their Amazon Web Services bill. CEO Brian Chesky told CNBC that the company’s plans include unspecified steps to use data more efficiently. In addition, they’ll be cutting back on infrastructure to lower their costs per night booked.

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