Four Ways To Spruce Up Your Meal With Macarons


Forest berry, chocolate truffle, vanilla bean, passion fruit, hazelnut rocher, strawberry rose, and salted caramel—anything can be a macaron flavour if your heart desires it!

Each new day brings along the troublesome question of what to cook. With all that running around in the morning to make it to work on time, you are lucky if you get some toast in your system, let alone a full meal with time to spare for dessert. 

Besides putting one in a great mood, desserts serve well as a sweetener after a lovely meal and are even a great breakfast option to snack on while you are on the run. Delicious and multi-purpose, they are a real treat!

When it comes to a simple yet memorable sweet dish, you can never go wrong with macarons. A couple of bites are all it takes to keep your belly full and your heart content. Simply put, skipping dessert is never an option! Here’s a closer look at some lip-smacking dessert options that are a must-try.

Top Desserts With Macarons

Although macarons are not the easiest to make, especially for a first-time baker, all that toil will be worth it in the end with every bite of these cream-filled delights. Here is a list of great desserts that would not be complete without a dash of macarons:

Macarons and Milkshake

Add some flair to your everyday milkshake with your favourite flavour of macarons; your morning routine is about to get a whole lot better. Whether you choose to blend them or simply use them to garnish, these cream-filled pastries are the perfect dose of colour and flavour to start your day the right way!

Macarons and Ice Cream Sundaes

Your classic banana split and choco-nut sundae is missing something. You guessed it! It’s missing some macarons. There is no better topping to your ice cream sundae than these light desserts in a myriad of flavours. Crushed to a sprinkle or placed wholly on top, your ice cream fiesta is ready to be devoured!

Macarons and Trifle

Layered in cream, cake, and fresh fruit, a trifle is a regular old crowd-pleaser. Add some macaron cookies to the many layers of mascarpone cream and berries, and you have got yourself a real winner. A dish that will be spoken about for days, these tiny treats are just the perfect touch!

Macarons and Cream Parfaits

With layers of syrup, nuts, yoghurt, whipped cream, and fruits, is there any room for one more? Perhaps so, since the dish would be far from divine without some crumbled macarons. The macaron cookies are the perfect combination of crunch and flavour, a delectable addition to make the dish irresistible!

Let’s Get Baking!

A bite-sized platter of creamy, mouth-watering macarons is a perfect addition to the menu and the missing ingredient that we have all been waiting for. On the lookout for a certain something to add a splash of colour to your plate and a touch of flavour to your palette? Look no further.  

Bid farewell to the same old boring meal now that you have seen what macarons can do. It’s time to throw your apron on and set your oven to preheat. You have got some baking to do!

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