Footcare For Diabetes


Foot problems are a common condition in patients with diabetes. Today, most people suffer from foot problems due to diabetes. Diabetes is a metabolic disorder that causes excessive thirst and the production of large amounts of urine. A foot problem is one of them. When this problem occurs, it can be detected by daily observation before it becomes a serious problem.

Overcoming a foot problem can take time and effort, but self-monitoring is the best way to get quick relief. When it comes to foot problems, the patient is even considered an important member of the medical team. This group of people needs proper foot care. This can be achieved by using the foot care products available in the market and knowing how diabetic foot can be cared for at home as part of a surgical procedure.

What is diabetic foot?

Diabetic foot is an infection that can spread to the skin, muscles or bones of the foot due to nerve damage and poor circulation associated with diabetes.


Bacteria can spread the infection through small cracks that may collect in the dry skin surrounding the heel and other parts of the foot, or through corns, calluses, hard skin, blisters, hangnails, or sores. If not treated in time, the bacterial infection can destroy the skin, tissues and bones or spread throughout the body. There are some symptoms:

Blisters, corns or calluses bleed under the skin. Numerous abnormalities, such as bunions, hammertoes and the like, accumulate on the bones of the foot. Scar tissue develops at the site of the previous infection.

Foot ulcers develop as a result of pressure, nerve damage or circulation problems.


An infection may be treated by a physician who specializes in foot care, or by a physician who usually treats the patient’s diabetes. An x-ray of the foot can determine if the bone is infected or may be affected by the disease. A swab of the wound can help identify the organism that has caused the infection to determine an appropriate antibiotic.


Instead of surgery, there are many ways to get relief or get rid of the problem. The Bremed foot massager provides the ultimate relaxation. People can enjoy the benefits of sitting at home. It is built-in to maintain the heating function, and the water in this report stays warm for a longer time. When a person immerses his feet in warm water, he gets a soothing effect that relaxes tired feet and the whole body.

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