13 PMP benefits once you get the PMP certification!


The PMP is a buzz word in the project management industry. People consider this as a tangible as well as an intangible asset that works for a project management profile. Now before we embark on the journey of speculating the benefits of this certification, allow us to share with you some of the key trends that persist in the project management industry.

The trends

For many of us, the project management professional certification is a gold standard certification, which is quite true. The reason is when we look into the intricacies of achieving the certification, we may feel a jolt to nibble and earn experience at first. If you search for a project management professional in job boards as well as social networking, you will come across profiles that have a tremendous amount of experience in handling difficult projects, involved with different types of vendors and stakeholders. PRINCE2, which is a counterpart of PMP certification, does not filter the aspirants as the project management institution does. 

This certification holds a global worthwhile its counterpart is treated as a standard certification in most part of the European nations as well as in some parts of the Asian nations.

Time investment

You must know how to manage your time in a greater sense so that you can allow at least six hours of self-studies during the weekends and four hours of self-study during the weekdays, along with working your daily job. This is the reason that most of the aspirants start at least six months before they have selected the date of their examination. Ideally, you need 12 to 16 weeks for self-analysis and self-study. This is followed by a rigorous session of working out with the simulation tests as well as mock exams. You need to spend at least one month knowing your velocity, performance in exams, and your stance. Getting a sabbatical is not easy for us, but still, we get at least a month time or two to prepare for the examination. If your employer is generous enough to provide you two months of sabbatical, then you must choose it at the end of the preparation.

The audiobooks

It was found from a survey and research done by a project management institution, but if professionals are failing to impart quality time in self-study, then they are embarking a different way, and that is through listening to the audiobooks. You can make the most out of these resources whenever you are not working or engaged in any kind of work.

Knowing the jargons

The knowledge gained from the certification will improve your vocabulary. At times when you’re speaking to your clients, superiors your voice will be heard and well perceived by them as you will talk in the language of project success & project management.

The career growth

No, achieving a PNP certification is not the end of the world. You have to stay stimulated for future opportunities by Sprintzeal. As this certification is a high-level certification in project management, it will serve as a prerequisite for advanced level certifications like PgMP or PMI-ACP. in a way, and you will recognize your strength and maneuver your succession planning with this certification.

Some of the common benefits that we can expect from this certification

  • As per the report by Anderson economic group, a professional with project management professional certification is exposed to more than 1.2 million job openings per year.
  • With this certification, you become eligible for agile training in just a few years.
  • It is a real confidence booster when your name ends with PMP certification.
  • Not only your job prospects will enhance, but also you will get a chance to work with the management.
  • Your commitment will be understood and well perceived by your peers as well as your superiors.
  • There are many units in the PMBOK where do you learn more about effective communication. These hacks, tips, and tricks will make you a great communicator.
  • If you are someone who are a digital nomad, then having this certification will allow you to work in any part of the world without any hesitation or restriction from your employer’s side.
  • With this certification, you enhance your visibility as well as the salary ceiling by two folds. 
  • Professional with no certification in the project management industry as a project manager can earn only $55,000 per year, but you with this certification can make about $110,000 per year.
  • In countries like Canada, Great Britain, China, and India, the trend is emerging as well as the project management market, so you will be a part of a polycentric as well as an eternal centric community with this certification.


There are many professionals who are at least 25 years mature in the industry. There’s still do the re-registration and recertification for this certification even if they have achieved advanced level certifications.



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