Matt Lamination Can Give Luxury Look To Custom Lip Balm Boxes


Lip balm product is one that some ladies and even men use often. Like the product is a chic and elegant one, its packaging must be like this as well. You can consider getting matte lamination for your lip balm boxes. They will get a luxurious look that will appeal to the consumer base.

·    What is Lamination?

Lamination tends to be the procedure that happens in printing whereby a clear plastic film gets bonded to the printed product. This allows it to be stronger as well as durable. Laminate is often put to both sides. This is like a protective shield that gets placed around the piece. This, therefore, keeps it safe from smudges as well as scuffs. It will remain secure from other things which can affect its appearance, such as tears, stains, moisture, etc.

With the help of lamination, you can allow the colors of the packaging design to “pop” more as well as get noticed. This is usually used on products which are handled much amongst people. Therefore, it is suited to custom lip balm boxes. It provides them with secure packaging that will not get spoiled when it is being touched by many people. The design will remain to look amazing.

·      What is Matte Lamination?

Matte lamination can give the packaging an elegant and sophisticated finish. The box will have a “velvety” type of texture which allows it to be pleasant when touching it. It softens the contrast present of darker colors, therefore, allowing them to not stand out quite as much. Your packaging will get a softer and also more natural appearance. It will be simple to read what is written on the box.

The following explains why to choose matte lamination for your custom lip balm boxes:

·      Will Attract the Consumer Base

When selecting packaging for any product, you need to choose the one that will attract the consumer base. If you do this, sales can increase as those people who will make a purchase will be drawn towards the product. When it comes to lip balm, this product is used by girls, boys, ladies, men. The product demands having a chic look to it.

Matte lamination can achieve this look and feel. The image of the product will show quality. Many people like to get skincare products that are of good -quality. They like to invest in the best so that their skin does not get affected negatively. Lip balm boxes with matte lamination are therefore suited to lip balm. They can give the impression that the brand wants to portray of their business and product.

·      Strong Boxes

As said above, lamination allows one to create strong boxes. This is necessary if you want to keep your lip gloss safe in lip balm packaging. You can also choose to get strong material for the box. This one should be safe for the lip balm and will not affect it negatively in any way. There are different material options that you can choose from. If you want a strong box that will be able to fulfill the sophisticated look of matte lamination, you can consider getting the box made from cardboard, corrugated cardboard, Kraft. These materials are all sturdy.

They will allow your lip gloss to remain safe from external influences. The materials are even environmentally friendly. The brand will be seen as a sensible one that wants to limit its carbon footprint. You will be attracting those customers who are conscious about the environment and are willing to save it for future generations.

·      Allows Writing to be Visible

When it comes to matte lamination, it is easy to read the text printed on it. This is important if you want shoppers to know about your lip gloss. Only when they know about it will they consider if they want it or not. You can use custom lip balm boxes to inform people about the lip balm. Find out what customers need to know about it and include this on packaging with matte lamination.

You will for instance tell the flavor, ingredients, how to use and store, quantity, warnings, etc. Only add those details which are needed if you want the box to look attractive and not confusing. A brand can even tell special points about their lip balm on the box. They can state whether the product has ingredients that are good for the lips. If the lip balm has been dermatologically tested, this can be stated on the packaging.

·      Let your Brand be Known

By giving your printed box a chic look you can allow your brand to be known on lip balm packaging that has matte lamination. This is when you include a prominent logo on the box. The brand will be seen as one that wishes to give consumers stuff that is of good quality. This message gets conveyed due to the lamination present. The logo will be used by shoppers to recognize your products. You can also add your company’s contact details. This includes its physical address, phone number, email address, website, social media links, etc.

Lip balm boxes that have matte lamination can give the box a velvety feel and a luxurious look. This image is required for beauty products like lip balm. They give the impression to consumers that the company is elegant and sophisticated. You can design the boxes to look attractive. With matte lamination, it is easy to read the text on the packaging. This is helpful as consumers will get to know about the product. It will encourage them to make a purchase. You can also include special features of your lip balm and why it is better than that of the competition.

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