Avoid a Dodgy Currency Exchange Store


Currency exchanging is important for many of us. Frequent foreign travelers use the service more than others. However, the questions everyone asks is how to get best exchange rates. Also, avoiding dodgy service is very important as well. Unfortunately, in the world of currency exchanging, there are players who exploit certain circumstances. Paying lowered exchange rate is just one of them.

When you want the absolute best exchange rates, only the best service providers will be useful. High-quality currency exchange in Melbourne service provides always offer updated exchange rates. However, it is also very common for people to get dodgy service every now and then. So, here are few tips that can help you avoid dodgy and scammer currency exchangers:

Definitely Avoid No Name Currency Exchange Store

One of the first safety precautions to always ensure is to avoid no name exchangers. Unfortunately, people with no prior experience often join the industry as well. So, you can expect intentional fraudulent service as well as beginner mistakes from such service providers. These will be new exchangers that will not have any well-known names or brand affiliations at all.

A telltale sign of high-quality currency exchange store is that they are well known in the community. All those non-branded new currency exchangers will inevitably offer lowered value for money. Unless you are always on top of the exchange rates yourself, you will get offered less than the actual value.

Airport Currency Exchange Store Almost Always Pays Less

Currency exchangers at the airports are well known to pay less value for money. Either they will have added transaction fees or their offered exchange rates will be reduced. Even the slightest difference in exchange rate will cost big when left unchecked.

However, there might be more to consider with airport exchangers. They will definitely be renting as airports are government bodies that offer rental shops. Also, airports often impose additional transactional charges. In addition, airports exchangers will have to bear higher energy terrif with higher rents as well. All these reasons leave airport exchangers no option but to add transaction charges or offer lowered exchange rates. Best to avoid them.

Do Verify from Online and Social Media Reviews

People that have used services from exchange shops in the past will know about their authenticity first hand. However, you may not be able to find direct contact with them. What you can still do is to check online reviews. There are forums and platforms available where people always give honest reviews. Make sure to read them to find out authenticity.

Quite often, social media platforms might be the best when it comes to reviews. Other authentic sources include platforms like Trust Pilot and others. Reading their own website reviews might not be fully accurate as they will have control on which reviews stay and which don’t.

Use Currency Exchange Store That You Have Visited Before

Past experiences always tell a story. If you have gotten currency exchange service from a shop before and liked it, there is no reason to switch. Currency exchanging is a dynamic industry. If you get offered an exchange rate in the morning, it will probably change slightly in the evening of the same day.

However, what you do need to check is correct exchange rates. Often, service providers who have live electronic displays instore offer the most transparent service. So, make sure to dedicate your currency exchanging service to that one verified service provider. Also, having gotten the service before, you’d know how efficient they are. Quick service with no wasted trips is also key indicators.

Ask Around in Your Social Circle for Authenticity

If you don’t have prior experiences of currency exchanging, make sure to ask around in your social circle. A friend or family member might be able to tell you which currency exchange store to visit. They would also tell you which ones to definitely avoid. Dodgy services are all but out there. So, make sure to ask around and find out which ones you should be avoiding.

Base your assessment on facts like currency availability, their actual exchange rates and customer service. They should have multiple checkouts to manage queues better as well. Get the knowledge you need to avoid dodgy currency exchange store every time.

Avoid Currency Exchange Store at Foreign Destination

Many people decide not to exchange foreign currency from their local city or country. The priority is to exchange when you are abroad as you need the money. However, this can be a catastrophic mistake. Firstly, you’d require that foreign local currency starting from the cab service from the airport. Then, you’d need to pay for everything and every service in local cash.

Also, you would definitely not be familiar with the destination local market. So, you’d have to look for a currency exchange store and visit it. Instead, it is always best to use your local money exchange in Melbourne. This will help make the service more convenient. You will be able to board your flight with more convenience.

Bottom Line

Often, people get underpaid for their currency exchange transaction. Reason for this is they might accidently visit a dodgy currency exchange store. However, you can avoid this by first verifying the service provider’s authenticity from your social circle. Read online reviews to find out which service providers to avoid. Also, make sure to get highest value for money. Every little counts for travel money.

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