EFL And Premier League Suspend Russian Media Rights


The English Football League (EFL) and Premier League have unanimously agreed to suspend the Russian broadcasting deal to Europe in retaliation for Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

The announcement means Russians will no longer be able to watch Premier League games on KKTV01 Sport and epl중계 games will no longer be available on Football TV and follow, but streaming services will also be halted.

The Premier League wrote in a statement: “The League condemns in the strongest possible terms the Russian invasion of Ukraine. We call for peace and our ideas are for all concerned. This promotion is a weekend game that shows the league’s overall support for Ukraine. Continue.

UK Top Flight has also pledged to donate £1million in aid to the Disaster Emergencies Commission.

Before each of the above matches, all club captains wore representative armbands and fans joined the players, managers, matchmakers and club staff in “Moments of Sorrow and Solidarity”.

In addition, the slogan “Football stays together” was displayed on the game screen against the background of the blue and yellow Ukrainian flag. This was also displayed on the LED board during the game.

“This message of solidarity was seen by fans around the world across Premier League digital channels and match broadcasts,” the league added. “This adds to the many ways clubs continue to show their support.”

Premier League clubs continue to support Ukraine in the current crisis.

Similarly, it was reported this week that the National Hockey League (NHL) will halt its trade with Russia’s Continental Hockey League (KHL) due to deteriorating conditions in Russia.

This move makes it harder for teams to sign players in the region. This is because the league has ordered the team to immediately cease all dealings with the KHL and KHL clubs, as well as established and still-business player representatives In Russia’.

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