Which is better, JSSC JE or JSSC CGL?


It is really difficult to choose between the two job profiles of JSSC CGL and JSSC JE. A candidate’s decision is based on criteria such as the job profile, career progression compensation, and bonuses. It’s critical for a candidate to choose the right professional route, which may be done by taking the right test. Many people have been observed leaving their Junior Engineer jobs to pursue the JSSC combined graduate level post. Let’s look at the decision elements for both of those profiles in more detail below.

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JSS CGL and JSSC JE: Work Profile

Typically, the work profile focuses on the functions and responsibilities associated with a given professional path. It will include all of the responsibilities associated with your position/designation, giving you a clear picture of the areas, you’ll be responsible for.

You would wish to carry out the following duties in the JSSC CGL job profile:

  • Clerical tasks, such as responding to RTI requests
  • Tasks involving note-taking and filing Administration-related work Field occupations that require travel
  • Surveillance, searches, and inspections
  • Taking care of back-office operations helps shape national policy.

The following functions and responsibilities are included in the JSSC JE job profile:

  • Labor supervision.
  • His/her division is in charge of planning marquee activities.
  • Accounts Management
  • State policies are carried out in a timely and efficient manner.
  • Providing assistance to superiors

The Salary Structure for the JSSC CGL

According to the JSSC CGL compensation structure, there are two types of grade pay in JSSC CGL:

  • Pay Grade: 4600 Salary: approx. $52,000 (Variable between $2,000 and $3,000 depending on the city you’re assigned to)
  • Pay Grade: 4200 Salary: $45,000 (Variable in 2k-3k depending on the city you’re assigned to)
  • Note: The JSSC CGL compensation structure will be increased every 10 years or so, according to the 7th Pay Commission’s guidelines.

The necessary scale of pay for SSC junior engineers is between Rs. 9,300 to Rs. 34,800, with an extra grade pay of Rs. 4,200.

Benefits and Perks

Perks & Benefits are the additional benefits or allowances provided by a company to a candidate in addition to the wage. A candidate is particularly interested in job opportunities that have additional advantages in addition to the wage.

If we talk about JSSC CGL advantages and privileges, the following are some of them:

  • Allowance for Dearness
  • Allowance for House Rent
  • Allowance for transportation

LTC Cash Medical Benefit Group Mediclaim Pension Scheme LTC Cash Medical Benefit Group Mediclaim Pension Scheme LTC Cash Medical Benefit Group.

Promotions in JSSC CGL and JSSC JE

When it comes to JSSC CGL job advancement, promotions occur every four to five years. You’ll be promoted to the next higher level after each promotion.

  • In three years, an auditor will be promoted to Senior Auditor. In 4-5 years, Assistant Enforcement Officers will be promoted to Enforcement Officer. Assistant Commissioners, Deputy Commissioners, and finally Commissioners will be promoted from Income Tax Officers.CSS Assistants will be promoted to the next level – SO (perhaps a Group-B Gazetted Officer job) and then to Joint Secretary.
  • The expansion chances for SSC JE career advancement are extremely good and may be highly advantageous if your performance is constant and you perform well.

Both the exams, JSSC JE and JSSC CGL, have their own benefits and it completely depends on you how you want to career to grow. If you want to continue your career in the field of government services then you must try your hands on this exam. Not only will it give you a steady income but will also offer endless facilities so that you can enjoy your life in the best manner. Fill in the forms and get ready to practice the concepts for getting the exam cleared in the first attempt itself.

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