How To Market Your Business On Instagram Effectively?


If you have a company with an online presence you need to be aware of “Social Media Marketing”. There are now over 50 platforms on social media that could help your business grow in a variety of ways. Between Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest to Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, and more, you can have a wide space to promote your business.

With 1 Billion active monthly people, Instagram is the third most frequently used social network, after Facebook along with YouTube. If you’ve got an account for your business on Instagram Here are some ways in which you can market your account efficiently. If you’re not yet using it What do you have to lose?

Instagram Contests/Giveaways

One of the best methods to attract customers is organizing appealing contests. It could be as easy as a hashtag competition, or an offer of your products. If you’re an active Instagram use, you may likely have been a victim of one of these contests in which you must post photos of yourself using the hashtag you want to use to be entered into the contest.

Certain businesses may even require users to join their account or tag a few of your acquaintances to become qualified for their contest. In this way, businesses can boost their reach on Instagram. Contest participants will browse your feed. If you’ve done it well, the chance of generating sales will increase automatically.

For instance, @paperstore has organized a contest to give away prizes exclusively to celebrate Mother’s Day. Check out the picture below for an understanding of how a giveaway works on Instagram.

Another method to reach prospective customers would be to make ads for your contest. You can increase the popularity of your content to ensure that it is seen by the most potential customers. Get these following at Buy Instagram Followers Canada platform.

Instagram Stories

Even though they are 24-hour tales they can have lasting impressions on people’s minds if you go about it in the right manner! The great aspect of stories is that you can track who has viewed the story. Instagram allows you to do with the stories.

You can make use of pictures, stickers, text, GIFs, and much more to make your content appealing. Make sure that you should use clear and simple images that include a call-to-action such as “Buy Now: Link In Bio”. It is also possible to use “Yay-Nay” stickers and ask the opinion of your customers on some issue. Polls can give you an idea of what people are thinking about.

Incorporating your most popular stories into your account’s highlights is an excellent way to make sure that those who visit your page can view your highlights and gain a sense of your company. Look at the example below of Maybelline New York. Take a look at their top highlights and also, how they’ve written their bio.

Another thing you can use is to include hashtags into your story. Hashtags can be a significant part of the story for your stories, and we advise you to not overlook hashtags. If you’re not sure about hashtags, check out the Instagram Story: Seven Tips to Make Use of Hashtags Effectively.

Run Instagram Ads To A Landing Page

Running ads using Instagram is much simpler than making them available on Facebook. Ads are distinct to Instagram since it permits users to include a CTA as well as a click-through link which isn’t feasible on another kind that Instagram post. You can design an attractive advertisement for your product and send users to an online landing page or the product page.

Be creative with the imagery, call-to-action as well as a landing page. For the best results, consider including “Limited Period Offers” or “Discounts” so that people are enticed to purchase the items right away. It is possible to display just one image or multiple pictures like Club Factory.

Club Factory is showcasing it five to six products, as well as a simple call-to-action that reads “Shop Now”.

But, you must improve your landing page’s performance to achieve high conversion rates, or else you’ll never see a profit.

Post Discount Coupons On Instagram

Another way to drive sales is to promote discounts, sales, and coupons. People (especially women) tend to be drawn to discounts and sales regularly. deals. This is where you can make an impressive amount of money and, in turn, genuine customers.

The majority of people check their Insta feeds for the sake of passing the time or to keep up with their friends and family. However, if your promotion is appealing to those bored users into loyal customers.

Make sure to add interesting text within the photo and ensure that your caption is appealing to the viewers. Don’t make offers frequently as it could appear cheap and fake. It is always possible to offer discounts on certain days such as Mother’s Day, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, etc.

For instance, take an eye on this promotional advertisement from Medium Kelley. She’s hosting the only Mother’s Day Sale while giving 30 percent off coupon codes and a basic but relevant caption.

Post-High-Quality Pictures On Instagram

This is exactly the reason Instagram is designed for: Pictures! Visuals are processed at 60,000 times quicker than words, and 40% of people react more to images than to words. Therefore, don’t treat pictures lightly. Do not post images of products just to make a point of posting.

Always post high-quality images of your products. Also, ensure that you use only lifestyle images that allow people to connect with them. Be as imaginative as you can in the captions and try to involve your customers in conversations.

For instance, take an eye on the handbags posted by @flaunt-with_grace. They have not been working on the pictures as well as the captions. The posts don’t draw the attention of viewers.

However, check out the method Accessorize does it? A stunning product image, with the ability to write a precise and descriptive caption. This is something that will encourage customers to click the hyperlink in the bio.

These are just some of the ways you can advertise your business successfully using Instagram. It’s not an overnight process. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication. Therefore, if you’re working on your sales and inventory it is possible to hire an experienced web-based marketing company to assist you.

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