Best Camping Destinations Near Bangalore


Camping is like taking a break from mundane life living at a very fast pace of routine life. In Banglore, there are plenty of places near hillsides and this has increased the activities like camping, trekking, and hiking. Get refueled by experiencing the camps in nature.

  1. Camp Dee Gee

Located near 35km from Bangalore city almost next to Bannerghatta Wildlife Sanctuary. There is this property of 65 acres. The variety of activities in the campsites like mountain biking, rock climbing, bird spotting. This place is really great to get a refresh from a hard-packed day.

  1. Ramanagara

This one is a great place for those who love to rock climb. It’s a hotspot in Ramanagara. This place is near Bangalore hence most preferred for hiking. One can either go for an adrenaline-packed rock climbing at this place.

  1. Manchinbele

This one is a famous place near Bangalore to chill and have the best moments with buddies. Many things to do like paintball, rope course, water sports and kayaking, canoeing, swimming and raft building. This camping experience will be really memorable. The weather is quite unpredictable in Bangalore and mornings are usually cold here. So always carry with you a small jacket.

  1. Bananthimari Betta

This unique name has a meaning like ‘Bananthi’ means a mother who is nursing a newborn and ‘Mari’ means violent goddess. This fascinating place is located at a distance of 62km away from Bangalore. This one is very unusual trekking on the giant rocks. Situated in the middle of Konanandoddi and Kundanhalli, Bananthi Betta is a small paradise on earth. Apart from camping one can do many activities like trekking, boating, treasure hunt and rappelling. One must also carry a rain jacket and plenty of water with themselves.

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  1. Savandurga

Just 60km away from Bangalore situated on the west side of the city off the Ramanagaram. This place has some historical significance during the Hoysala empire and comprises mainly two hills: Huliyurdurga and Kalidurga. This place is also known for having the giant monolith hills in the world. Which makes this place a more exciting camping site near Bangalore.

  1. Anthargange

This one is a tiny place near Bangalore where one can see many caves and its extremely rocky terrain. Around 70 km away from Bangalore. This place is part of the Shanta Shrunga mountain range. After exploring the caves one can enjoy the bonfire at night with a group of friends and enjoy camping under the starry night.

  1. Bheemeshwari

For those who want to thoroughly adore nature, this place is really cool. There will be lush greenery all around. There are many wild animals at this place like a grizzled giant squirrel, jackals, wild pigs and elephants, leopards, and spotted deer. This place is located at the banks of the river Cauvery where Bhimeshwari is a popular site in Bangalore. Here Rafting is also popular among the youth and fishing is another activity enjoyed by people.

  1. Kanakpura

The very stunning site at Kanakpura camp is situated next to the Hosaddoddi lake and Bananthimari forest. Plenty of activities are there to indulge in that too without travelling far from the campsite. One can take a dive in the swimming pool and relax. Kayaking is also the main attraction here; trekking, ziplining and rappelling are the other things to do.

  1. Nachikuppam

This campsite is the hub of mango plantation nestled in the hilly terrain of Krishnagiri is the Alphanso capital of Nachikuppam. There is a 60-acre mango farm near the lake that is maintained by a group called Linger. From the drive towards this place, everything is scenic and beautiful. This massive spread of mango trees is situated by the lake. Camping near to this place would be a great idea,  Also Read: delta airlines reservation phone number.

  1. Makalidurga

This one is the closest camping site to Bangalore. This place has its unique charm and it is culturally rich too. The trek to the campsite is around 2km from Makalidurga railway station. The temples of Makalidurga and Shiva are the prominent attractions here.

These many are the places for camping near Bangalore city. One can enjoy the beauty of this always green place Bangalore by camping.

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