A complete guide to learn Quran online with tajweed

The tajweed is what makes reciting the Quran so attractive. Tajweed means “success” or “doingsomething successfully,” meaning that there are standards to adhere to. When it comes toQuran recitation, according to the tajweed standards, reciting the Quran with such precision thateach letter has its own set of characteristics.The difficulty about studying tajweed rules is that … Read more

To Hifz Quran If You Are Living In The UK?

To remember Allah’s Holy Quran, you’ll need to put in a lot of effort, patience, dedication, andthe help of a Quran scholar. It might not be easy to become a Hafiz without these qualifications.It can be difficult to find qualified Quran teachers in the UK to assist you in becoming a hafiz.You can recite the … Read more

Tips To Make Quran Memorization Easy

Having a Sincere Desire to Memorize the QuranIf you want to remember the Quran, you must first cleanse your desire and objective. Your goalshould be to please Allah, to be satisfied, and to reach Paradise.If you go out to acquire Quran memorization classes with a pure aim, the learning process willbe more simple and gratifying. … Read more

Using the CCTV camera in commercial places

CCTV is a surveillance device used to monitor the activities of the people and the assets of the locations.Today, it is used in several organizations, hotels, restraints, malls, complexes and even homes tomonitor the objects, assets and the activities of human beings. It is used to prevent problems such asburglary, robbery or vandalism. It is … Read more