All You Should Know About Nickelodeon Cruise


Several factors influence the cost of a nick cruise, just as they do for a Southern Caribbean
cruise. The length of your stay, the package you select, and the season you book your cruise
have a significant impact on the price of a nickelodeon cruise.
Nickelodeon cruise prices start around $50 per person per day on average. Depending on
when you booked your nickelodeon cruise, these rates can be cheap or costly.
Nickelodeon Cruises for Families
Your children must watch a lot of Nickelodeon if they enjoy Dora the Explorer and SpongeBob.
If this is the case, you and your children will love traveling on a Nickelodeon cruise. Where they
can meet their favorite cartoon characters and play Nickelodeon-themed games with them.
History of The Nickelodeon Cruise Ship
Nickelodeon’s foray into the cruise business was a method for the network. This network would
broaden the types of entertainment available to families. 
In 2008, Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. organized the first-ever Nickelodeon cruise. On a full
week family and friends vacation, it can accommodate 5,000 people. 
In 2010, Nickelodeon formed an exclusive partnership with Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL).
Sailings aboard the Norwegian Epic and Norwegian Jewel will be part of this partnership.
The cruises were much more this time. They included Nickelodeon-themed interactive concerts
and pool parties. Besides, they treated children to meet and greet with their favorite
Nickelodeon characters.
Known for its pajama morning parties, The NCL provides the passengers with everything they
need. Nick Hosts events LIVE? Yes. They arrange entertainment with the poolside and
performances. And the Nickelodeon distinctive slime, which the kids loved, were among
activities. This continued until the relationship ended in 2015.
They presented nickelodeon movie evenings on the ship’s deck on large cinema screens. While
channels were broadcast on kids’ club TVs.

Top Cruises for Kids
When it comes to luring youthful passengers, the cruise industry faces severe competition. This
list of the top 5 cruises for kids demonstrates that the sky is the limit when it comes to having a
good time at sea

 Disney Cruise Line
 Royal Caribbean Cruises
 Carnival Cruise Lines
 Princess Cruises
 Norwegian Cruise Line
 Disney Cruise Line
Disney is a perennial favorite when it comes to the best 5 cruises for kids. The company is one
of the few in the market that focuses solely on families with young children. Disney Cruise Line
has the best facilities, dining, and nickelodeon-themed programs for you and your kids.
The following are some of the cruise line’s remarkable features.

 Clubs for Children (separated by age)
 The Reef of Flounders Infants’ nursery
 Mickey’s Pool 
 Goofy’s Pool is a family-friendly pool.
 Shows and movies are presented at the Walt Disney Theater.
 Studio Sea is a place where kids and parents can participate in interactive activities.
 Breakfasts with a twist
 Parades
 Games for groups
 Dances for teenagers
Scavenger hunts are a fun way to spend some time with your friends.

Royal Caribbean Cruises
Shrek, on the other hand, is embarking on a series of monster adventures at sea. Royal
Caribbean has established a partnership with DreamWorks Animation. This would allow its
youngest passengers to cruise alongside their favorite animated characters. “Shrek,” “Kung Fu
Panda,” “Madagascar,” and “How to Train Your Dragon”. These are among the DreamWorks
blockbusters featured in Royal Caribbean’s new entertainment schedule. 

You and your children can join Shrek, Donkey, Skipper, and a slew of other characters on a
high-seas adventure that includes

 Meals with a character
 Parades of characters
 In the Adventure Ocean kids’ program, there are games based on movies.
 DreamWorks Animation 3D special character shows in the Studio B ice rink.
 AquaTheater DreamWorks Animation 3D special character presentations in the Studio B
ice rink and AquaTheater
 Possibilities for photos with the characters

Carnival Cruise Lines
Fun Ship Freddy, they form its head like the characteristic Carnival ship funnel. Isn’t a giant,
green monster or an adorable mouse with big ears, but he besides makes kids grin. Carnival
Cruise Line’s branded character is only one of the ways the line’s “fun ships” pander to children.

 Carnival is well-known for its fleet of ships, which include several unique features,
including as
 Climbing walls made of rock
 Rinks for ice skating
 Golf in miniature
 Areas for rollerblading
 Courts for basketball
FlowRider (found on Carnival’s Freedom, Liberty, and Independence of the Seas) was the first
surf park at sea in the business.

 Disco for teenagers
 Center for the Arts and Crafts
 Area for soft play
 Lab for computers
 Wall of video

Princess Cruises
Princess Cruises is one of the best ships that are exclusively designed for families. It mainly
offers a wide range of kids-loved activities, services, and themed rooms for kids of all ages. The
cruise line also offers a wide range of activities for children, including

Dance celebrations
The Olympic Games on a Ship
Adventures Tours on the water (with shore excursions appropriate for families)
Eating competitions

Norwegian Cruise Line

SpongeBob, Dora, and Diego are three characters from the animated series SpongeBob
SquarePants. Oh, my goodness! If your children devote to Nickelodeon. They will be overjoyed
at the prospect of cruising alongside their favorite cartoon characters.
Norwegian Cruise Line launched a new collaboration with Nickelodeon in early 2010. This
includes several unique itineraries.
The all-kids network is eager to accommodate its youngest guests.  And they plan to do so with
“Nickelodeon at Sea” sailings that are jam-packed with features like
Meet and greets with the characters
Breakfasts with a twist
Interactive games
The debut of a new show
Nick’s signature slime is featured in SlimeTime LIVE!
Nick is on the air! amusement at the poolside
Dance events with a Nick theme
Hours of character story
Performances by the poolside

Wrapping Up

The Nick cruise is a fantastic family vacation. For many years, NCL has provided you with the
best cruise services for kids, which they have loved. 
But, in 2015, the agreement between Nick and NCL came to an end, and everything came to an
end. We’ve covered all you need to know about the Nickelodeon cruise in this article.

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