How To Prepare Your Property To Sell Quickly

How To Prepare Your Property To Sell Quickly

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In a potential home sale, sellers want to do everything possible to show the potential of their property to prospective buyers.

Whenever potential buyers picture your home as the best living space they want to be in, you not only make a huge profit on the home sale but also expedite the sale process.

How To Prepare Your Property To Sell Quickly

Here are five things to do to help you sell your house fast:

1.      Declutter

Unused furniture and boxes of personal items often suffocate the space in rooms, making them look smaller. Most potential home buyers won’t bother to go past such crammed spaces in a showing. Renting external storage space can help free up space until you move. However, some buyers will buy into a lifestyle, and it is best that you strike a balance between freeing up space and showing them your real home life.

2.      Give your walls a new face

Looking at your home objectively in a home sale is the best way to go about it. Keep any emotions in check, especially if you’ve personalized your space with items and designs. It is best that you have spaces cleaned in preparation of getting fresh paint. Remember to be moderate, as some personality plays an essential role in a home sale. Vivid colors for your feature wall can help boost the look of your space.

3.      Create a good first impression

According to these Canada Water estate agents, potential buyers will first fall in love with your home’s exterior even before going inside. Ensure that the garden and driveway is well-tidied and maintained, windows cleaned, and breathe some life on your front door by giving it fresh paint.

4.      Repair and renovate

Investing in small but outstanding repairs is a great way to motivate and win the hearts of prospective buyers. Ignoring such renovations will only make your property look old and tired. Survey your rooms well and note everything that needs a quick-fix and repair accordingly.

5.      Tidy up your garden

In the current property market, buyers are keen on outdoor space, whether it’s that expansive lawn for kids to play on or a backyard garden to enjoy time with family and friends. Mowing, weeding, and decorating lightly are easy, inexpensive ways to boost the aesthetic appeal of your outdoor space and make your home more appealing.

Boosting your home’s value

Here are important considerations to make if you wish to move in the near future:

1.      Central heating

A good way of adding value to your home is by installing a full oil or gas heating system to your property.

2.      Double glazing

If you wish to make your home more energy efficient and also keep outdoor noise out, installing double glazed windows are by far the most potent solution. Take into account the age of the building before going all-out with UPVC, as the best way of boosting your property’s value in some cases may be to maintain the original windows.

3.      Appliances

Most buyers will look at the kitchen before making a decision, and upgrading your appliances beforehand can pay off in the end. It is safe to invest in professional and stylish appliances.

4.      En suite

Going by the finding of Channel 4 Homes, the difference in the worth of a normal 4-bedroom house with an en suite to the master bedroom and an equivalent home without en suite is about £10,000.

5.      Extension

It is undoubtedly one of the most expensive options, but often has the biggest return on investment. A loft-conversion or extension can boost the value of your property by about 23%. Ensure that you get planning permission from your local authority if you plan to have an extension, and that you get building regulation approval before you can begin the project.

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