10 Ways Escape Rooms Build Leadership Skills 

Leaders form an integral aspect of the success of any team. The presence and efficiency of a true leader can help different groups succeed in accomplishing their diverse goals. They possess the skill set to impress upon and inspire diversifying individuals to work together as a cohesive unit.  

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For individuals and organisations looking for a fun and exciting way to imbibe leadership skills in their team, escape room games are just what you need! So, visit the LockBreaker Escapes or any other escape room near you to reap the benefits. In this article, let us find out how escape rooms help teams to teach the vitality of leadership skills: 

  1. Figure out the potential leaders in your company 

Playing escape room games can be a fun and exciting way to identify the leaders in your office. It will help you efficiently find someone who can motivate others in your office.  

  1. Understanding the communication skills of your team 

Escape games will help you to understand who in your group is an active listener and who often interrupts while someone is speaking. Thus, it will help your employees become leaders in building an efficient communication stream.  

  1. Finding out who works well under pressure  

A leader can work well even under pressure. Problem-solving and critical thinking under pressure are vital parts of the escape rooms. Hence, it allows you to nurture individuals who remain perpetually efficient even under pressure.  

  1. Working together efficiently 

In the escape rooms, all the players must work together as a cohesive unit towards a shared objective. Hence, it allows you to enhance your team management skills and forges a strong bond among your workers.  

  1. Welcomes creativity and flexibility  

Escape rooms foster a creative and flexible mindset in players. You can assess their creativity and innovation by making you consider their creativity and innovation. Thus, you can find out who can help your employees incorporate the necessary skill set to lead the others out of any real-life sticky situation in the workplace!  

  1. Improves productivity 

Escape rooms allow players to socialise and learn more about each other than they did earlier. Thus, as employees get to know each other better, they can efficiently lead others when the time arises.  

  1. Helps in conflict resolution 

Escape rooms may often lead to different conflicts due to time constraints. However, constructively, these conflicts can provide immense scope for conflict resolution, which is a vital skill for any leader.  

  1. Enhances awareness of the situation 

A good leader is always aware of the present situation and can lead the team proficiently. Playing in an escape room is all about keeping your senses alert and finding the best way to escape. Hence, these games can help your employees foster situational awareness.  

  1. Motivate your team 

A true leader works efficiently to motivate the team to achieve success. The escape rooms can help you boost team spirit and find out who in your office can inspire the rest of the team to succeed.  

  1. Learn lessons whether you win or lose 

Leaders always provide suitable lessons to the team, whether they win or lose. Similarly, in the escape rooms, you can find out how well the team leader behaves with the others and whether they encourage the rest of the team.  

In this way, escape rooms can be an efficient mode of building the required skill set for any leader. So, go ahead and let your employees play an escape game together, and help them make the leadership skills required in the office!